What I Wore Wednesday

Here we go, another edition of What I Wore Wednesday! Hope you like it and I really enjoy the comments! :) 

(Talk about an awkward pic - geez) Going to: Work

Shirt: Maurices
Pants: The Limited (I LOVE their dress pants)
Shoes (even though Sophie is blocking them): Target

Showing off my fancy shoes!! :)

Just getting home from The X-Factor!
 Shirt and Sweater and Earrings: Maurices
Pants and Shoes: Target

Going to: The Movies!! (Thanks for the pic Alli!)
 Shirt: Maurices (I am sensing a pattern here)
Red Sweater and Jeans: Target
Shoes: Payless
Earings: Claires?
Purse: Kohl's

Going to: Maggiano's with the hubby!
 Tank and Jeans and Shoes and Sweater: Target
Belt: Charlotte Russe 

Wow - this girl definitely shops at Target ALOT. Yikes. :)


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Of course I'm partial to the photo I took but I really love the Maggiano's with hubby the best! So flattering :)

Joyce LaPier said...

I agree w/Alli. The "going to Maggiano's w/hubby" is really sharp and dress to impress mode. You look like you have your Mother's style for clothes and shoes...:)

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