These Boots Are Made For Walking....

Right back to the store?
I am having some second thoughts about my new boots. I love them. I really do. BUT I don’t know if I can justify the purchase of these boots when I may not wear them as much as I would like too. Here is a look at my new Jessica Simpson boots:

(I have another better photo, but I can't get it to turn the right way... maybe later)

Now, why I am having these doubts you may ask?

3 words:

Six inch heels.
(the website says 5.1, but I measured them myself too)

I feel a little like a floozy wearing them around. The hubs cannot understand how boots can make me feel hoochie, but hey, he’s a guy. He doesn’t get it. He just knows that he likes the way I look in them (which – case-in-point right there!). Now, I wanted to really invest in a nice pair of boots that I can wear around, but I am not sure I am OK with the investment into these babies. They are shockingly comfortable. I spent an entire work-day in them with no foot pain issues, but walking around all day without breaking an ankle was my biggest accomplishment of the day.

I did try on dozens of pairs of boots. Dozens. In at least 4 stores.

So, fellow fashionable ladies (and gents), what would you do? Take them back and continue on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots or wear them tall and proud?
pleated poppy


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Mm, I vote negative on the boots. You don't look like a hoochie, but I get it. I would feel like one too in the those. Not to mention I would be 6"1 ... haha.

Anonymous said...

First of all...can I just say, 6'1" is a BRILLIANT height, thank-you-very-much. Anyone should want to strive to be that height. I, on the other hand, would be about 6'7" in those heels...and that's giant-size (but I would still wear them proudly).
I can understand the hoochieness. I think if you were to get these, they would be appropriate for wearing out, but not functional for much else. So I guess it would be up to you if you want boots that are cute(hot) but still multifunctional. If so, I'd go with something else.
They are pretty awesome, though. How well do you walk in them? You need to move effortlessly, or else vote nay again.
Personally, I think they are awesome, but I do think you could find something better.

Anonymous said...

P.S.>Although reading again that your hubby likes how you look in them....that may be reason enough to keep them. I'm all for a strategically put-together outfit that highlights the appropriate assests, making guys say, "I'm sorry--what were you saying?" ;)

hschiesher said...

Reasons to keep them:
1. You don't look like a hoochie in them.
2. They are very pretty.
3. Brandon likes you in them.
4. You are only 5'8" tops in them...that makes you average height! ;)
5. You said that they were comfortable.

Reasons to return them:
1. Too much worry about toppling while at work.
2. Twisted ankle due to toppling
3. Embarrassment due to toppling
4. Pinched toes? Although, you did mention that you had no foot pain!

Those are the pros and cons I can come up with. You are ultimately the one who has to decide how to weigh them. :)

Janna said...

I say you should never have second thoughts about shoes. If you do, don't wear them. I actually feel that way about most things... but if you're not comfortable in them, it's not worth the stress.
You know me. I like to be comfy. :-)

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