What I Wore - feeling the coral

Here we go again! I think I love doing these posts so much because it really makes me think about how I put myself together in the mornings. How am I presenting myself to the world? I know some of you are like, Gosh girl, it's just clothes! But for me this is really an expression of my personality and creativity and self-worth. I really enjoy putting together fun, cute outfits that make me feel good :) So thanks for stopping by and check out The Pleated Poppy who started it all...

pleated poppy

I was SO excited for this outfit and I felt awesome in it! I am in LOVE with coral right now - its just such a bright punchy color!
Jeans and Tank - Target
Shoes - JustFabulous (justfab.com)
Cardi - Maurices
Not my best look of the week, my only goal here was to stay cool. It was like 80 flippin degrees out and working at a nursing home, we can't just flip the heat off and on - so it was on since it was technically still winter here in northern IL! 
Shirt and Shoes - Target
Skirt - Loft
Cardi and Skirt - Maurices
Tank - Kohls
Shoes - Target (I actually need to toss these poor babies - I have worn a hole in them, but they are just so darn versatile and comfy!)

Wednesday I had a super cute outfit, but was running too late to document it. You just have to trust me. :)

I thought this outfit was going to be too boring to bother posting - it was just a plain black T and my khaki pants. Then at the last minute I pinned on this bow and slapped on a bracelet that was black with white polka dots and it ended up being pretty adorable too. :)
I got to spend the day lounging and shopping because I took a personal day since I went to the midnight showing of a little movie called The Hunger Games - it was fabulous :)
Jeans - Old Navy
T-shirt - Target
Cardi - Kohls
Shoes - Payless 
Notice a patter with this coral yet? 
And please disregard my hubby's messy desk - it's tax season, he's an accountant - yes it nearly gives me hives too.
Pants - Kohls (I love them!)
Top - Maurices - you can't really tell from the pic, but it has lace sleeves and it's very pretty.
Shoes - the ones from Target I need to toss

Any color you are gravitating towards this Spring? Which one of my outfits do you like the best?


Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Love the stripe sweater and all the coral. Well done!

lil desiqua said...

Love the coral! So springy and happy!

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