What I Wore - St. Paddy's Style!

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pleated poppy
This past week lead up to St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, so like my Valentine's Day pink/red challenge, I decided to wear green every day this week! I felt an obligation with my Irish in-laws to do it up right! :)
 Jeans - Target 
Cardi - Old Navy
Tank - Kohls
Shoes - Most likely Target. I am getting rid of them though, I noticed as I was wearing them that Izzie must have made a snack out of them in her puppy-chewing phase. :/

 Dress: The Gap via Hand-me-down from Mama Derry 
Boots: JC Penny
Close up of my hair - got the feather clip for Christmas from Nana :)


I spent most of the day like this since it was so stinking hot at work
 Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Target I think
Shirt: Maurices
Close up of my jewelry. The ring was my mama's - its a Swedish love knot. This was a tough day and I wanted to have her close to me.

Wednesday - I spent most of this day without the cardi too :)
 Cardi: Old Navy
Shirt: Target
Pants: Maurices 

My little hair bow!

Thursday - I went all out since I was off on Friday which was "green day" at work
 Dress, Tank - Target
Boots: DSW
Headband and "Kiss me I'm Irish" pin: Old Navy
 Shirt: Target
Pants: Loft 
Shoes - Hand me down from Nana
Close up of hair and jewelry
My sweet sis-in-law got me the bracelet - it is a Day of the Dead bracelet to remember those who have passed away. This was a really special gift from her this week. Plus, her and my mom-in-law got me the peacock feather hair pin (they know me well huh?) 

So, did you show off your Irish spirit this week? Which one of my looks was your fave? :)


Brittney said...

Love the hairpieces! Those are so cool and I always wonder if I could pull it off. I love the jewelry too... what a cool way to remember your mom.

B. Wilson said...

I love that last hair clip. You have some excellent in-laws! :) Your mom's ring is beautiful as well.

Anonymous said...

I guess Wednesday. But i love the saturday hair.

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