What I Wore - Easter Week

Ya'll know the drill by this point. :) Here's my week of outfits leading up to Easter Sunday!!
pleated poppy


Close up of the sweet feather
Dress: Target
Cardi: Old Navy
Boots: JC Penny
Headband: Feather is from Joann's - it just slips on any headband. Pretty sweet.

Tuesday - I felt a little 1950's on this day.
Shirt, Bow, Shoes: Target
Crop pants: Maurices 

And skipping ahead til Friday...
Pants: Maurices
Shoes, Shirt: Target
Scarf: World Market
Friday Night!
Ok, so everything I am wearing here is from Target.
Except those sweet shoes. Great story about them - I have had them for 3 years and the last time I had worn them was to my bachelorette party. After I got married and we got Izzie, she made a meal out of them. I refused to throw them away because I loved them so much. Well, this year for Christmas my hubs and mom-in-law conspired together and got them repaired! It may have been my favorite gift... right after my kindle. :)
A very chill Saturday night
Tunic: Mod Cloth (new favorite website - stay far away if you have an online shopping addiction)
Leggins: Who knows? 
Boots: DSW
Socks: Gift from my bro-in-law.... actually the only thing he got me for Christmas. lol
Sunday afternoon - napping attire
This is what I threw on after church. 
Cardi: Maurices
Leggings and Shirt: Target 
Sandles: Nana hand me downs
Easter Sunday Church outfit
I had a few people tell me I looked like a Hawaiian princess. haha 
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Mod Cloth
Necklace: I cannot recall
Flower (in hair): Oahu - probably at an ABC store
Shoes: Also Target 

What do ya think? Any faves? Did anyone else have a special Easter outfit??


B. Wilson said...

I love that your husband got those shoes repaired for you. I use a fantastic guy in Naperville for sole repair if you ever need that. Also, that necklace... Of course ABC because they're everywhere on the island!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

Love your Easter outfit! Coral is my favorite color right now. Beautiful! Visiting from The Pleated Poppy :)

Laura Burtis said...

I love all the bright colors! Especially the skirt you wore on Easter! You are so cute!

Chris said...

Love your feather headband and scarf. Love the corals too! Stopping by from WIWW.



Ania said...

I love all your outfits, the pink in the first out and the skirt in the last are my favorites.

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