What I Wore - I got the blues!

Here we are again for What I Wore Wednesday. I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy - head on over to her blog to read why the heck a bunch of crazy women take photos of themselves and post it online! :)

pleated poppy
Outfit #1 - This is a leftover from a previous week
I know you all are tired of seeing this dress/cardi/boots combo, but it is just soooooo easy.
Outfit #2 - heading to church with newly dark hair!
I loved this look! 
Skinnies, Top, Scarf - Target
Cardi - Old Navy
Shoes - Victoria's Secret (circa 2006)
I am obsessed with this new scarf!
Outfit #3 - See obsessed!
Nude heels - Target 
Dress - Kohls - Funny story about this dress. I forgot I owned it. I was cleaning out the closet and opened up a garment bag I thought was empty - surprise! New-old dress! haha
Instagram of my scarf!
I am wearing a lot of blues these days with my darker hair. I think it makes my eyes pop. :)
Outfit #4 - This whole day was a blur, so I am not surprised the photo is blurry too. lol
This photo pretty much sums up how I felt - I am pretty sure this was on a Saturday I worked, so I was not as put together as normal. Even the office is a mess. What a stressful month guys. I am not even wearing shoes.
Outfit #5
My new banjo is in this photo - I really want to learn how to play, just haven't had any darn time to pick the thing up since I bought it! 
Anyway -
Everything in this photo is from Target. Seriously. haha 

So, lay it on me folks, faves, not-so-faves? Love my new scarf too? Anyone else have a very harried end of April/beginning of May?


Kristi said...

Are the Target nude heels comfy? I'm not the biggest heel person, but have been looking for nude heels (went shopping with Alli for them too).

AshleaD said...

They are, but at about 3" are slightly higher than really comfy. I can still wear them to work, but by the end of the day its a challenge. I don't know how well they would lend themselves to chasing around a toddler and a baby though... I'd probably go for something a little bit lower, especially if you aren't a heel person. For being so darn popular, great nude heels are really hard to find.

Chris said...

I love your scarves and outfit number 2 is so cute! Visiting from WIWW.


Alli (and Tommy, too!) said...

"For being so darn popular, great nude heels are really hard to find."

Wise words, Ash. Wise words!!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X


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