What I Wore - lots of questions

 Oh my gosh - I feel like these past weeks have just been flying by! I have no time for anything these days! We are gearing up for vacation, so don't mind the mess in the background of many of the photos!
Linking up again with The Pleated Poppy!

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Outift #1 - Geek Chic
 So, I was not feeling well on this morning and then nearly burned my eyeball when I tried putting in my contacts. So, I gave up and wore my glasses. (btw - got those babies on a great website Zenni optical - $25 for prescription glasses!) 
Jeans: The Gap
Tank: Target
Shirt: Maurices 
Sandals and Necklace: Nana hand-me-downs
Outfit #2 - Little bit of neon
 I loved this color combo, but I definitely need to punch an extra hole or 2 in the belt. 
Dress: Kohls
Belt: some website - I will get back to you. 
Shoes: Target
Outfit #3 - clearly feeling the pink
Dress: Forever 21 from forever ago
Leggings: Prob target
Belt: The Gap
Shoes and Scarf: Target
Cardi: Maurices
Umbrella: Old Navy
Outfit #4 Casual stripes and a Sophie
Jeans: Target
Boots: DSW
Cardi: Maurices

Outfit #5 - JCrew imitation necklace!
Now, I don't know what the etiquette is about getting super cheap knock offs - do you tell people about your savvy saver ways or do you let them believe you dropped $130 on a piece of costume jewelry? 
Same with extensions - When people say, "oh your hair is so long!". Do you say thank you or do you let them in on your little 14" secret? Sound off in the comments.
Skirt: Loft
Top: Ross
Shoes: Target
Necklace: JCrew via Ebay ($14!!!) 
Outfit #6 - feeling cozy on a rainy day
Skirt: Mod Cloth (how dangerous is that website?! So many cute things!!!)
Cardi: Maurices
Top and Scarf: Target 
Shoes: Aldo - super clearance. I bought these shoes as a celebration when the state inspection at work was over for like $25 (originally upwards of $100). Ironically, they have now sparked a debate on if it is appropriate to wear high heels in my work environment. *sigh* I am sticking this one out until the bitter end - I can run in these babies! Plus, they are just so pretty.  

That's all for today - and really let me know where you stand on the deal etiquette! You can weigh in on the high heel debate too!


PolkaDottyPlace said...

Lots of great outfits but #5 is my favorite. Love the patterned skirt with the statement necklace. Good call :)

grace said...

super cute outfits! As for the reveal... I tend to reveal. I wear a lot of wigs and usually always reveal...I just love the look on peoples faces. Also, with fashion I'm so doggone proud of myself when I get a good find that I'm ALL ABOUT telling the world I saved $200 or whatever. I like when people tell me the truth too. Love the shoes that are up for debate! =)

Chris said...

Love that pink scarf and of course that bubble necklace! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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