Here I am again, linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!

Outfit #1 - Blues and Greys - I love how Izzie is checking her self out in the mirror behind me. lol
Dress: Kohls
Belt: Maybe Forever 21, can't remember...
Boots: DSW
Outfit #2 - Purple!
Pants, cardi: Maurices
Shirt, shoes: Target 
Outfit #3 0 Black and white and red
I love a good polka dot, don't you? :) 
Shirt and belt: Target
Skirt: Gift from Nana, she spotted it at Shop-Ko I think
Shoes: Aldo
Outfit #4 - Brown and blue (and no, I wasn't high, but my allergies were killer on this day)
Shirt-dress: I really don't remember...
Leggins - Target
Shoes: Payless
Jewelry - not sure about the necklace, but the ring is from Sedona, AZ. I bought that turquoise ring and another smaller one I wear every day while on our honeymoon.
Outfit #5 - Green and rawr
I wore this on a double date with some friends.
Jeans: Target
Shoes: JC Penny
Tunic: Mod Cloth
Outfit #6 - I let my husband dress me. He's got good taste no? :)
Aside from this outfit being a little more va va voom than something I would choose for myself, I loved it. And, I felt hot, so that's always a plus :)
Dress: Dry Goods
Shoes: not sure...
Jewelry: Target 
Outfit #7 - I drug myself out of the house to go shopping on this day, even though the allergies were in full swing. I probably shouldn't have been driving considering all of the medications I took...
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Scarf: Target
Glasses: Zenni.com (great website for cheap prescription glasses!)
Outfit #8 - Black and white and red again!
Dress and cardi: Target 
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Stolen off another dress. 

I am noticing that I wear a lot of belts and statement shoes. Hmmm... I guess it's good to have some styling staples to turn to. What do you think? Anything you see yourself wearing often?

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Chris said...

OK I love that green tunic and I also love how your husband picks such a sexy outfit!


cindy derry said...

I like the brown menswear shoes.

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