What I Wore: Scarves and Lace

I seem to have a new addiction to lace dresses, and we all know I have loved scarves (something I blame on my mother - she had gads of them in the 90's). As I look back over this past week, I have either a scarf or something lace or both in every. single. outfit. :)
Here's a little preview I posted to instagram if you'd rather not scroll all the way through:

And here we go with the individual looks:

 I am posting my purple outfit first, because I don't like it in photos, and I hope that you will forget about it by the end of this post. I thought this looked sweet in person, but it doesn't read well in the pictures, making me look a little "fluffier" than I am. Plus it's just a lot of black and with my lion's mane of a hair-do this is not coming across well. I layered a thin long-sleeved black top under the dress because it was freezing, then I just went black with everything else...Next time I wear this dress I will definitely style it differently!
Dress: Modcloth
Everything else: Target

I got this gorgeous scarf at Target on clearance (woot!) and I love the metallic stripe with the rich color. I paired this with my mustard dress, a beige-tan-ish cardi, brown tights, boots, and a leopard belt to give me a waist. I basically consider everything in this outfit to be a neutral color, except the scarf!
Scarf, Belt: Target
Dress: Mod Cloth (best purchase ever, I have gotten some mileage out of this dress!)
Boots: Amazon.com (another fantastic purchase, I wear these ALL the time!)
Cardi: Old Navy (I have one in almost every color)

I was not in love with this outfit, nor my hair on this day, but I had just run out of time to do anything about it and still get to work on time. I love the scarf and earrings, but everything else is kind of "meh" for me. And one of my residents at work told me my dress was far too tight, just adding to my insecurities for the day!
Dress: Old Navy
Scarf and Earrings: World Market
Boots: DSW

I feel like this outfit was a much more successful styling of my lovely new World Market scarf! I loved the different patterns, textures, and rich colors in this outfit. I think you can kind of tell by my sassy pose that I was feeling it this day :)
Dress and Belt: Target
Cardi: Old Navy
Boots: Amazon.com
Scarf: World Market

Finally, another scarf outfit. I feel a little bohemian in this outfit with the braid and the long sweater and all of these earthy tones. I added a pop of bling in my shoes and watch to feel a little more sophisticated for work. The best part about this outfit, it feels like pajamas it is so incredibly comfortable. :)
Pants: The Limited
Sweater: Mod Cloth
Tank: Target
Watch: Gordman's
Shoes: DSW
Scarf: Birthday gift from my lovely friend Molly

What do you think? Do you ever have fashion fails or people with dementia tell you how horrible you look - maybe that's just an occupational hazard of mine? 

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Lindsey A. Turner said...

I love lace too- I buy it way too much! We all have fashion fails! I have so many pictures that I've never posted!


Amanda Cobb said...

Scarves and lace, two of my favorite things!! :-D Love these looks.

AlliFerg said...

I love to see that you've worn the WM stuff so much. Awesome!

me said...

Love the lace dresses with tights and scarves.

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