What I Wore : Grad-en Party

My littlest sibling-in-law graduated high school this year. I have seen her grow from a little 11-year old munchkin to this gorgeous young woman.

 To celebrate her graduation she had a open house grad party and my in laws have some lovely outdoor spaces they were able to use for the party. I went on a mini-shopping binge the morning of her party and scored some sweet deals. Including this lovely lace dress from Maurices.

Honestly, I would've preferred the next size up, but it was the last one left on the clearance rack. It its a little snug in some places, but was such a sweet dress that for $9, I pulled the trigger anyway. I also swear that I did wear those shoes at some point in the day, but by the time we thought to take photos, there was no way I was putting them back on!

Plus, I just love the keyhole in the back that shoes on my ink and lets me wear a real bra!
And then there is always the inspiration to keep my butt running so I can get rids of those little lumps this dress shows a bit! That's not my usual philosophy - I am more of a "dress the body you have" kinda girl - but hey, less than $10, it was worth it :)

Also, I love the photos from this shoot for a few reasons - 1. They aren't selfless! yay! My lovely hubs was sweet enough to take them for me. 2. My stylish, spunky other sis-in-law "directed" it and told me how to move, smile, and put my hair. It was great to have her voice on this shoot.

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Lena B, Actually said...

I love Maurices clearance sales... how did I miss this dress? LOVE it!
Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion! Hope to see you back next week! ♥

Rachel The Hat said...

oh my goodness, what a gorgeous dress!it looks lovely on you sweetie. and i love how it displays the tat!xx thanks for joining in Passion For Fashion, hope you'll join us again today!

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