What I Wore: Christmas

I know the holidays are long gone and everyone is well into giving up their New Year's Resolutions, but I never got to share how my Christmas outfit worked out!

I got the dress from Modcloth.com, keeping in mind that I wanted a dress I can wear again and again, not something so fancy that it is a special occasion only option. I love, love, loved how everything came together.

It is hard to tell, and I didn't get up a detailed photo of the tights, but they had cute little metallic gold polka dot grommet dealies on them and were super cute.

 I was going for a 60's bouffant thing with my hair and I got to break out my little gold bows from last Christmas.

I really embraced the theme and even matched my nails to my dress. That bracelet was a Victoria's Secret freebie! 

I borrowed the gold polka dot scarf from my ever-so-stylish mama-in-law. (which may have been a recent birthday gift from me! ;)) and went with a bold lip, since I don't usually get to be bold with my lip color, that was quite fun.
The whole look with my sweetie, who insisted on wearing the red tie. We called him Captain Christmas for the night. 

I made him change into the black tie for a more coordinated photo, but really, the red suits him better. He is like my own little Christmas elf and loves the holiday immensely.

I hope you didn't mind the reminder of the recent holidays - I really have nothing to show for the past couple weeks. I am only just now recovering from a horrific respiratory infection that had me laid up over my Christmas vacation. Such a bummer, but now I hope to get back in the swing of things!

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AlliFerg said...

Wow! I can't believe B owns a tie that red. Did he buy it just for Christmas or did he have it on hand? :)

AshleaD said...

I think we bought that tie for last Christmas - he wore it with black. The green shirt/red tie combo this year was alllllllll his idea. lol

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

Such a great outfit,love this color on you and your hair looks so pretty!

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