Fashion Friday... with some whining

Those of you popping by today for a fun, light-hearted fashion post may be getting more than you bargained for… I would apologize, but ya’ll have been warned. I need to do some cathartic venting, whining, and planning today. 

Skirt: XXI, Belt: Maurices, Shirt: Target
I try not to get caught up in the ever-present pressure to maintain a perfect online image, but I think we all fall victims to this phenomenon occasionally. I love the bloggers out there who really do make an effort to keep it upbeat and positive, but also keep it real. Sometimes life isn’t so pretty.  So here’s my attempt to keep it real. 

Pants: Limited, Sweater: Maurices, Shoes: Shoedazzle
I have had a very un-pretty couple weeks. I have a lot on my plate right now between grad school, internship, and a full-time job. Yes, I voluntarily signed up for this, but it is still wearing on me. One of my best friends experienced a heart-wrenching loss last month and I’ve tried to go with her and support her on that emotional journey. My husband has been so stressed and working so many hours that we have barely seen one another awake in the past several weeks. Our garbage disposal is broken. Our fridge leaks. Last night our microwave broke. I feel like my life is kind of like Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events (well at least the title, I haven’t actually gotten around to reading the book).  
Dress: Maurices, Cardi: Old Navy, Boots: Target, Belt: swiped from another dress
I have felt sad, lonely, irrationally angry, and weary; typical over-stressed symptoms for me. I have tried self-care and gotten manis, pedis, a new hair-do, bought a new outfit, or two, or three…  but my house is still a mess and most of my meals have come from a drive-thru in the past couple weeks.
Jeans: American Eagle, Boots: DSW, Flannel: ModCloth Watch and Tank: Target
So, my plan to claw my way out of this deep rut I’ve fallen into is to get back into a structured routine. I need to be like Sheldon Cooper and have a task for every day of the week. I need to get back to my running which I have barely done in the past month. I think my Zombie 5k tomorrow is going to be a sad wake-up call when I don’t make it to the finish “alive”. I need to eat real food from a grocery store instead of a drive-thru. I need to carve out one on one time with my hubby with no distractions. So this is my plan, starting right now.  Say a little prayer for me. 
Keeping really real - this is what I wear most of the time at home. B/f Jeans: American Eagle, Harry Potter T-shirt - Kohls

Have you ever had a season of stress? How do you cope and overcome it? 

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It's finally here!

This blog sale has been a labor of love - I honestly don't know how you other bloggers do it! Hopefully the first one is the worst, because I still have so much stuff that I'd love to sell that I do not have listed here today!

So, for this sale I decided to stick to just dresses and skirts (don't worry ya'll - if this goes well I have tops, bags, accessories, and SHOES to sell too!)

If you'd like to purchase any items listed here please comment with the item number and an email which I can send you a Paypal invoice.There will be no additionally shipping charges for these items, I am just including a flat shipping rate in the price listed. I will ship all sold items on Saturday, 9/14.

Facebook readers: I will be selling FIRST to readers who comment ON THE BLOG - Facebook comments will not get priority. It would probably be easiest to just set up a google account so that you can comment on here and not miss out on anything! :)

I have included original pricing when I knew it. All of the items are in like-new or very good condition. I have made special mention if I only wore the item once.

I will do my best to keep this post updated so that you won't have to look in the comments to know which items are sold.

Alrighty then, without further ado:
Item #1

Daisy Fuentes Dress originally from Kohls
Size M
Price: $8  Sold

Item #2

Ikat Got Your Fun Dress from ModCloth

Original Price: $33.99
Worn once 
Size L
Price: $15 Sold
Item #3 

Cute to the Core Skirt in Coral from ModCloth

Original Price: $44.99
Worn once
Size L
Price: $25 $15    SOLD 
Item #4 

Elegant Arrival Dress from ModCloth

Original Price: $52.99
Worn Once 
Size L
Price: $30 $20

Item #5
Looking Like a Million Dress in Violet from ModCloth

Original Price: $39.99
Worn Once
Size UK16
Price: $18  $12

Item #6 

Anne Taylor Loft A-line Skirt

Size 10 (US)
Price $6 

Item #7
Strapless Leopard Print Maxi - H&M

Size 10 (and has been shortened)
Price $12

Item #8
Strapless Floral Maxi - Target

Size L
Price $8

Item #9
Olive and Black striped Maxi skirt - H&M

Size 12 (US)
Price $8

Item #10 
Mushroom-gray Maxi Dress - Maurices

Size L: (has also been shortened)
Price $12 

Item #11
Strapless Hawaiian floral mini-dress - Target

Size L 
Price $6 

Item #12 
Camel Sweater-dress - Old Navy

Size L
Rarely worn
Price $10 $8    SOLD 

Item #13
Short cocktail dress - keyhole, beaded, navy from ModCloth

Size L
Never worn
Price $15 $10

Item #14
Short cocktail dress - strapless, mustard w/ beading from ModCloth

Size L 
Never worn
Price $15 Sold 

OK - Happy Shopping! Comment away!!! If you have any questions about the items, go ahead and ask in the comments and I will reply there!