Pretty Dresses and Party Dresses

These are the dresses that are pretty, but not fantastic, but still worth noting.
Kelly Osborne. Fix that ugly hair woman!

Natalie Portman

Kelly Ripa

Rose Bryne

Cameron Diaz
And now for the after-party dresses! I think some of these are even more fabulous than the actual Oscar dresses!!
Olivia Wilde - love the styling on this one! Her bun and choker are divine!!

Diane Kruger - oh la la lady in red.

Lily Collins. This probably could have been on my "polarizing" list, but I for one, LOVE it!

JLo - I thought this one was better than the one she actually wore to the Oscars

Cameron Diaz. I think this one suits her better than her actual Oscar dress too! Love the punch of color!

Emma Stone. Well, it is certainly a statement dress. Just not sure what statement she's making here...

Kate Hudson. Loooooooove this red fringe!

Ginnifer Goodwin - I love everything separately... just not together.

Mia Wasicowska - beautiful!

Minnie Driver - looking regal in a silvery gold.

Say what you want about Miley Cyrus she is rocking that dress. Best she had ever looked.

Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese. I think they both look phenomenal and sparkly! Blue hair and all!
Rose McGowen - color blocking done right!

What I Wore - Kind of a blah week

This past week was a little funky for me. I was not happy with all my outfits for the week, but alas - here they are anyway.


Close up of my lovely Betsy Johnson earrings!
Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: Target?
Belt: Carson's
Scarf: Christmas present
Earrings: gift from my MIL- Betsy Johnson - love 'em
Dress: Target 
Sweater: Maurices 
Boots: DSW
Scarf: TJ Maxx
Dress: Maurice's
Sweater and Shoes: Target 
Headband: Target
Thursday (not thrilled here)

I was wearing my Mama's dreamcatcher earrings
Pants: Carson's
Sweater: Old Navy
Tank: Target 
Necklace: Forever 21 (?)
Earrings: my mama's
Friday - it looked better in person
Dress: hand me down from Nana
Sweater: Maurices
Belt: Christmas present from Nana
Boots: DSW 
Scarf: World Market

Polarizing Oscar Dresses

These dresses inspired love or hate - and not much in between. Tell me what you think:
Jessica Chastain - It grew on me throughout the night...

Michelle Williams - Hate the peplum.

Rooney Mara - hate. hate. hate.

Angeline Jolie - I think her leg inspired more of the hate.

Melissa McCarthy - I love this. I think it is the best she has looked all awards season.
What do you think? Love 'em or Hate 'em??

Oscar Fashion Bonanza!

Oh my oh my oh my....
There is so much to discuss about the Oscar Fashion! It is so hard to decide where to begin! Perhaps with the best dressed of the night:

Ellie Kemper - bronzed beauty. Just trim those bangs girlfriend.

Guiliana Rancic looking lovely in white

Glenn Close - I literally thought "Oh girl look at that body" when I saw her

Gwyneth Paltrow - it looked SO much better without that cape. But I really dislike capes

Melanie Griffith - this woman never ages. It's amazing

Meryl Streep - looking like an Oscar herself. I was just thankful she didn't wear black.

Milla Jovovich - exquisite in white

Missi Pyle Her dress was all organic! So cool!

Octavia, Octavia, Octavia - perfection.

Viola Davis. The color was perfection. It took me a long while to get used to her au natural hair...

Stacy Kiebler. She was perfection. Loved that look!!!
 Who was your best dressed?


I enjoyed doing this last week, so here we go again. My week in Instagrams!

Snuggling with my Sophie

Kisses from Izzers

My mama's earrings

So, it snowed.

Little Starbucks Snowman brightened my day
Sweet cupcakes at a baby shower.

What I Wore - Valentine's Week!

I made it my personal goal to wear pink or red every day this past week for Valentine's Day and justified a couple clothing/accessory purchases to be able to do just that! So, I am linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for her weekly look back at what we all wore in the past week!
pleated poppy
I like doing these posts because it makes me work to be more fun and creative with my outfits. Plus, compliments are like crack to me and the more fun I have with my outfits, the more compliments I get, so it is a fantastic confidence-booster as well! A quick note, since it is tax season and I am married to a tax accountant, it is hit or miss that I have a handsome photographer in the mornings, so you got a couple self-portraits this week - don't judge! haha
Monday - taken at my bathroom at work (on my lunch break!) for my friend Alli. She wanted to know what I was wearing :) lol
 Red Sweater: Kohls maybe
Black Pants: Maurices 
Black T: Target 
Belt: Stolen off some other dress.

Tuesday - Valentine's Day. We were allowed to wear jeans to work if we wore pink or red
 Pink sweater: (new) Maurices 
White T, pink/grey striped socks, and jeggings: Target 
Boots: DSW
Pink flower in my hair: Claire's (like eons ago)
 Dress and tights: Target ($6 for the dress on clearance!)
Cardigan: (new) Old Navy 
Belt: stolen off another dress
Boots: JC Penny
Thursday (don't judge the messy bedroom)
 Khakis: The Limited 
Sweater: Maurices (i think)
Shirt: Target (i think)
Scarf: Freebie from Ulta for breast cancer awareness last year
I got fancy and pinned a broach in my hair!

Friday! I like big buns and I cannot lie....
 Dress: Maurices (eons ago)
Sweater: Maurices
Belt: (new) The Gap
Boots: JC Penny
Hair bun - no sock needed baby! :)
Annnnnd Saturday - wacky self portrait, while driving (ok - actually stopped at a light)! I am so ashamed. haha 
For Saturday I took the jeans and boots from Tuesday and paired them with my new Old Navy cardigan and that lovely new infinity scarf from World Market. I helped my mom-in-law host a brunch, then ran a bunch of errands, so it was a pretty casual day :)