Stuff I Loved!

I love a good stuff-I-love round-up, so I thought for my once-in-a-blue-moon posting schedule that I am on at the moment, that would be a good way to hit some high points and cover a lot of ground.


There are two new products that I have become a pretty big fan of.

First up, Loreal Extraordinare Gel-Lacquer (although, that name is quite the mouthful guys). This is a 3-step at-home-no-fancy-light-required gel mani. The first time I tried it I went FIVE DAYS with minimal chippage. That is huge! I am usually happy if I can get through three days without chipping which then leads to obsessive picking until I have effectively scraped off all nail polish and my nails look like they've gotten in a fight with a shredder. I started with a fun, summery red and after my amazing experience went back and bought a stormy gray and two shades of orchid. I could give you the actual colors, but that would require getting up and walking to my bathroom to look, so I am sure you can understand why that's just not happening.

The other product I am digging is this magical potion I found on pinterest. The pin said that you put it on your hair and magically wake up with it curly! I thought, hey, I have got to try that magic! It is called Sebastian Potion 9, Wearable Styling Treatment. I like to air-dry my hair by just tossing it up in a loose bun and sleeping on it and I usually use a leave-in conditioner anyway, so I switched that out for the new product. It does give my hair extra texture to work with and really lends itself to a messy-curls look. I just refine it a bit with my brand-spanking-new CHI curling iron that I looooooooooove, which takes all of 2 minutes and then I am out the door. A perfect lazy-girl hair product.


I have watched nothing but Animal Planet's River Monsters on Netflix this week. Jeremy Wade is an insane silver fox and am in love with this show that is a marriage of crime drama and fishing. Just give it a go, you can thank me later.


I am currently reading Ender's Game, and because I am in the middle of it, I can't give a full opinion quite yet, but I am digging it. I also plan to watch the movie before giving it a proper review in it's own post.


I might be crazy, but I decided to train for a 10K run in September. It gives me exactly 12 weeks to work up from running 2-3 miles to 6 miles. *gulp* I felt like I needed some extra motivation through, so I needed something to work towards. I did my first week of training, which was some easy short runs and a 2-miler. I hit my personal best on my mile and 2-mile time this week!


So, I am not sure if you've been anywhere near the internet for the past several days, but in case you haven't, Nordstrom is having a sale. I am not a typical Nordstrom-shopper - its all too expensive for me, and I just stay away to avoid tempting myself into splurging on things I just don't need. Welllllllllll, I did make one itty bitty Nordstrom sale purchase of a scarf, but I am super excited because I have been wanting a faux fur scarf since Christmas and just could not find one that lived up to my expectations. This purchase has now led me to trying to track down a new winter coat and boots (two things which I actually am in need of). Oh and yes, I do know it is July, but if you had lived through the last winter in the polar vortex of Chiberia, you would want to be well-prepared too!

Considering I am still on a high from the Blake Shelton/Band Perry concert I saw last night, I will leave you with one of my fav's from each of them
Better Dig Two - Band Perry (this is on my running playlist)
Ol' Red - Blake Shelton (this is an oldie, but a goodie)
Honeybee - Blake Shelton (Alright, I couldn't pick just one)

Ooooh - I feel like it would be remiss to mention the one thing I did NOT love this week and that's only because in a roundabout way it brought a lot of hilarity to my life on Friday. Cheap coffee tumblers are not a good life-choice! Here - read my amazon review for yourself and I am sure you can figure out why me and my co-workers got a laugh.