Story of my life…

Ugh – I am such a sucker for boy bands. I love that stupid One Direction song! (and OMG - the video is actually super adorable) I suppose the 7th grader in me never really grew up.

Anyway, story of my life is I cannot post consistently on this blog to save my life. I appreciate you readers who put up with my sporadic updates, outfit posts, and fashion police posts. I want to be better for you, but honestly, until I am finished with this blasted Master’s degree, it probably won’t happen.

February has been completely crazy and I have been super busy. So, I want to just take a quick peek back at my favorite things from this past month, mostly through links and instagram photos J

Style-wise I got a new ‘do! I keep going redder and redder and am basically just convinced that I was simply meant to be a red-head. 

My inspiration photo is this:

I seriously have such a girl-crush on Christina Hendricks.

I’ve also been channeling Spring through vibrant outfits this past week. I am so over this Polar Vortex crap, so I am hoping to entice Spring with obnoxiously bright outfits!

I hit the halfway mark on my 100-day shopping ban and am feeling good! I will have to actually write an entire post, but Rachel, the architect of this ban wrote a lovely post that really captures how I am feeling about the whole thing too.

I also had a super-lovely lovey-dovey Valentine’s date with my hubby and have been feeling very appreciative of him. There has been a LOT of man-bashing happening with some of the women I am around a lot because one of them is going to through an affair and divorce. My heart breaks for her, but I also get a little defensive when a group of older (than me) women tell me to just watch my man. I try not to brag too often about my relationship online and such, but sometimes I just can’t help expressing how much I love the dear man I married.

My Sophie girl turned 5!

(yes this is my dog, not my kid – don’t judge)

I also was a little emotionally strained this month at times – this is a tough time of year because mid-March is when my mom passed away. My brother-in-law asked me to share my testimony about my experiences growing up and finding Jesus, which was very emotional for me. So I posted this throw back of me and my mama from '95-'96.

 Isn’t she pretty?

Some of my favorite things from this month:
Gran Torino – had to write a paper for my gerontology-ethics class and this is an amazing movie.
Cop Car – I feel like all of Keith Urban’s music makes me feel 17 again and this one reminds me of a very particular evening. ;) (no, I did not get arrested!) 
The Voice – It’s back this week and while (story of my life) I probably won’t stick out the whole season, I love Shakira as a coach and love seeing them all bicker over the contestants.
Anti-heros – I am addicted to the Blacklist and the Originals – 2 shows whose main men are very much an antihero. They do terrible, awful things, but you are still rooting for them in the end and kind of just want to give them a hug. I think that The Tudors (which I just started watching on Netflix) is going to be along those lines too.
Seth Rogan – Normally I don’t love this dude because I am just not a juvenile-potty humor kind of gal. I don’t judge it, but its just not my thing. However, he spoke at a (nearly empty) Senate hearing about Alzheimer’s awareness and it made me want to hug him.
Twitter – Guys, I think I am addicted. Follow me! @AshleaDerry
And, this feels barbaric and uncultured, but I am so glad the Olympics are over. Not having cable is only a bummer for special events like that and the online coverage was awful.

Any favorites from February you want to share?  

January Blues

Looking back on the month of January (the Monday of the months) it really did feel like a month of Mondays.
It was hectic and I was sick the whole month.
What an abrupt transition back to "real life" from the holiday season!

Can we just talk about this winter for a hot second? This has been unreal! Just look at these amazing photos of Chiberia! 

This has been a tough, tough winter. I started out back in November being ecstatic over the cooler temperatures - I am a Fall/Winter girl through and through - but even I am ready for Spring!

Anyway, February is starting out splendidly.
Class cancelled, slept in, still in my PJs.
I think I will just start my year on Groundhog's Day this year!