January Blues

Looking back on the month of January (the Monday of the months) it really did feel like a month of Mondays.
It was hectic and I was sick the whole month.
What an abrupt transition back to "real life" from the holiday season!

Can we just talk about this winter for a hot second? This has been unreal! Just look at these amazing photos of Chiberia! 

This has been a tough, tough winter. I started out back in November being ecstatic over the cooler temperatures - I am a Fall/Winter girl through and through - but even I am ready for Spring!

Anyway, February is starting out splendidly.
Class cancelled, slept in, still in my PJs.
I think I will just start my year on Groundhog's Day this year!


AlliFerg said...

Ugh I know. This winter has just been CRAZY! I try to keep positive, but I just want to hibernate.

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