Youtube Yoga

When I was in college and actually started thinking about maintaining physical fitness for the first time in my life (helllloooo Freshman 15), I wanted an easy-non-cardio-don't-make-me-actually-sweat workout. I thought, Eureaka! Yoga is easy!

Now, all you Yogis out there don't start gunning for me yet...

I was so wrong. Yoga is totally challenging and actually DOES make me sweat! I loved it - and if it hadn't been for 3 jobs and a crazy class schedule and a serious relationship, I probably would've taken waaaaaay more advantage of the free classes at our rec center. However, se la vie, and I didn't do as much yoga as I would've liked. Fast forward 5 years (holy crap, I've been out of college for FIVE years?!) and I still love yoga, but I had fallen out of doing it with any regularity.

When I picked up running a couple years ago (wow, I still feel like such a beginner!), I started having some inflammation in my hip (something about an extra vertebrae and a pelvis that likes to twist). The first bout of inflammation I treated with ice and chiropractic care and proper running shoes. Then I stopped running for 6 months, ya know, because of that hip... and internship... and job.... and oh yes, a polar vortex. (I have lots of great excuses guys!)

Running and I were on a break.

But we are working things out now. 

My renewed relationship with running now has  the added component of regular yoga. Since I am cheap and my husband is probably the biggest fan of I've ever known, I decided to give it a whirl and see if I could find some post-run yoga stretching for my hips on the ol' youtube.

I found that and so much more! Here are a few of my favorite videos:

My go-to post run stretch:

I love her whole channel and this video really got me sweating:

This was harder than I thought, and dang, I was sore afterwards:

Oh and an oldie but a goodie!:

I love that all of these are free and the only equipment you need is some stretchy pants and a yoga mat, but still a great work out in the comfort of your own living room!

Disclaimer here - I am not any type of fitness guru and you should have some common sense and not do stuff if it hurts or your doctor tells you not to - kapeesh?