Music Mash Up

My musical tastes this week are a little bit on the funky side. A little modern, a little pop, and a whole lotta bluegrass. :)

First - Gotye, Someone I Used to Know. The video is just as odd as the song. And I am very distracted by this guy's mouth and teeth. Anyway...

Next - A little bit of pop for ya - I have loved Train since their Meet Virginia days - seriously, my first year of Spanish in high school I picked the name Virginia, not realizing until it was too late that it was pronounced vir-heen-ee-ya en the espanol. I switched names the next year. lol
And another weird aside - Does anyone else think that Pat Monahan looks like he could be Ian Somerhalder's dad, or less hot older brother?

Next up a little bit of bluegrass! This song was played Sunday at church during a video and I loved it sooooo much that I downloaded the whole album. I felt like it goes back to my roots a little bit and I just love Rhonda Vincent's voice.

And finally, my newest musical love affair. The Civil Wars. I really had a hard, hard time picking which song to post because their entire album is phenomenal. Seriously - there is not one bad song. Not even a mediocre song. It's like the Adele album in that there is not one bad song. I love them all. Go buy it. Now.

What I Wore - feeling the coral

Here we go again! I think I love doing these posts so much because it really makes me think about how I put myself together in the mornings. How am I presenting myself to the world? I know some of you are like, Gosh girl, it's just clothes! But for me this is really an expression of my personality and creativity and self-worth. I really enjoy putting together fun, cute outfits that make me feel good :) So thanks for stopping by and check out The Pleated Poppy who started it all...

pleated poppy

I was SO excited for this outfit and I felt awesome in it! I am in LOVE with coral right now - its just such a bright punchy color!
Jeans and Tank - Target
Shoes - JustFabulous (
Cardi - Maurices
Not my best look of the week, my only goal here was to stay cool. It was like 80 flippin degrees out and working at a nursing home, we can't just flip the heat off and on - so it was on since it was technically still winter here in northern IL! 
Shirt and Shoes - Target
Skirt - Loft
Cardi and Skirt - Maurices
Tank - Kohls
Shoes - Target (I actually need to toss these poor babies - I have worn a hole in them, but they are just so darn versatile and comfy!)

Wednesday I had a super cute outfit, but was running too late to document it. You just have to trust me. :)

I thought this outfit was going to be too boring to bother posting - it was just a plain black T and my khaki pants. Then at the last minute I pinned on this bow and slapped on a bracelet that was black with white polka dots and it ended up being pretty adorable too. :)
I got to spend the day lounging and shopping because I took a personal day since I went to the midnight showing of a little movie called The Hunger Games - it was fabulous :)
Jeans - Old Navy
T-shirt - Target
Cardi - Kohls
Shoes - Payless 
Notice a patter with this coral yet? 
And please disregard my hubby's messy desk - it's tax season, he's an accountant - yes it nearly gives me hives too.
Pants - Kohls (I love them!)
Top - Maurices - you can't really tell from the pic, but it has lace sleeves and it's very pretty.
Shoes - the ones from Target I need to toss

Any color you are gravitating towards this Spring? Which one of my outfits do you like the best?


Hi ya'll - just sharing my Instagram photos from the week! :)
I MacGyver'd an umbrella to my chair because it was so sunny and lovely last Saturday! (bummer though, bc apparently some neighbor reported me for having a "tie out" for my dogs (which I dont) bc they were leashed with me outside AND now I may have to get rid of my rug too because it is apparently against the by-laws of the association. I guess they have bylaws against fabulous purple rugs.) end rant.

My awesome bracelet from Katie :)

Mt. Dew - a gift from Heaven. I got this out of a pop machine by pressing the Sierra Mist button on a machine that doesn't sell Mt. Dew on a day I seriously needed a caffeine jolt.

My baby cakes and her under-bite :)

"I like big bows and I cannot lie" Spiced up a boring outfit with some polka dots!

While waiting for the midnight showing of Hunger Games my last caption sparked this lovely interaction :)

Music Feature Friday!

This week my "critera" for my song choices were the 2 songs that caused me to roll down my windows and sing at the top of my lungs. It was lovely.
First song is a oldie, but goodie, Garth Brooks song and my second pick is Adele's Rumor Has It (both videos are live versions this week!). Enjoy! :)

Garth Brooks Papa Loved Mama

What I Wore - St. Paddy's Style!

Linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! Hop on over to her blog to see what it's all about!
pleated poppy
This past week lead up to St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, so like my Valentine's Day pink/red challenge, I decided to wear green every day this week! I felt an obligation with my Irish in-laws to do it up right! :)
 Jeans - Target 
Cardi - Old Navy
Tank - Kohls
Shoes - Most likely Target. I am getting rid of them though, I noticed as I was wearing them that Izzie must have made a snack out of them in her puppy-chewing phase. :/

 Dress: The Gap via Hand-me-down from Mama Derry 
Boots: JC Penny
Close up of my hair - got the feather clip for Christmas from Nana :)


I spent most of the day like this since it was so stinking hot at work
 Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Target I think
Shirt: Maurices
Close up of my jewelry. The ring was my mama's - its a Swedish love knot. This was a tough day and I wanted to have her close to me.

Wednesday - I spent most of this day without the cardi too :)
 Cardi: Old Navy
Shirt: Target
Pants: Maurices 

My little hair bow!

Thursday - I went all out since I was off on Friday which was "green day" at work
 Dress, Tank - Target
Boots: DSW
Headband and "Kiss me I'm Irish" pin: Old Navy
 Shirt: Target
Pants: Loft 
Shoes - Hand me down from Nana
Close up of hair and jewelry
My sweet sis-in-law got me the bracelet - it is a Day of the Dead bracelet to remember those who have passed away. This was a really special gift from her this week. Plus, her and my mom-in-law got me the peacock feather hair pin (they know me well huh?) 

So, did you show off your Irish spirit this week? Which one of my looks was your fave? :)

No good, rotten, very bad day.

Yup - that is pretty much describing my day. I am in a serious funk that I am having difficulty escaping. I have 3 solutions for this funk:

1. Email Alli (check)
2. Eat Chocolate (check)
3. Spend 5 minutes on the Pinterest Humor section.

Here are some nuggets from #3. 

I feel slightly better now, don't you? :)

InstaWeek! (Double Feature!)

I missed out on this post last week - so you get a double dose of my Instagram weeks!
Getting the itch for a new tat - but no, I wouldn't actually put it on my hand.

Feeling like a rock star in my sunglasses (which I have already lost - *facepalm*)

My sweet sis-in-law looking beautiful! I think her b/f thinks so too ;)

And adorable couple! (I wish you could see her shoes! They are red and awesome! I found them for her, but Instagram crops photos short. Bummer)

It was "High School Clique" day at my hub's office. They chose to be nerds - fitting for accountants. He's in the middle and unfortunately his feet got cut off in the pic too - he was rocking Birkenstocks with white socks. I'm so proud. :)
A freshly bathed, still wet Iz looking pitiful and wanting to jump on my bed full of clean laundry

Got my Hunger Games shirt in the mail! So excited!!

Remembering my mama on 3/13. Can't believe it's been 15 years. This pic was taken on our last vacation to Sedona, AZ and Las Vegas.

Clearly my dogs have a thing for clean laundry. Sophie snoring away on my clean clothes. She was seriously snoring too - there's a 30-second video at the bottom of this post!

Showing my Irish pride :)

My sis-in-law Katie did my hair - I love it long!!!
My delicate flower... :)

Music Feature Friday!

I am trying something new here kids! I am going to try to feature a couple songs every Friday that I have really been digging throughout the week. They may be new/current songs or something more old school. I am going to try to post every week for awhile and see how it is received.

This week I was apparently drawn to songs with  haunting quality. First one is And the World Turns by the Gabe Dixon Band. This popped up on one of my Pandora stations and just loved it. What do you think?

And song #2 is Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, Safe and Sound. I am probably loving it so much because it is the Hunger Games song. So excited to see this movie!!! Right AlliFerg? :) Thoughts on this one?

Well, I hope you like my "Friday Feature!" And if you do, tell me about it! :)

What I Wore - Almost Spring!!

Here we go for another link up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!

pleated poppy

Monday - I think this looked much better in person
New Dress: Old Navy (on sale!!) 
Tank, Shoes: Target 
Belt: Stolen from another dress

Cardi: Maurices
Pants: The Limited
Necklace: Caymen Island shop
Boots: JC Penny 

Wednesday -feeling retro!
Skirt: Garage Sale (50 cents!!) 
Shirt and cardi: Maurices
Shoes: Payless

Detail of my feather-flower!

Dress: Target (I think this was a great buy - this dress gets alot of mileage and I only paid $6!)
Cari: Old Navy
Belt: The Gap
Boots: JC Penny 

Dress and Tank: Target
Cardi: Maurices (I think...)
Boots: DSW

Shirt and Jeans: Target 
Boots: DSW
Sweater: Kohls
And you can't see them, but I was wearing really cool earrings. :( 

What do you think? Any faves? Are you loving this warm Spring as much as me??