I got the music in me...

Well, since this blog is a place I get to explore my passions in life I am actually a little surprised that I haven't talked more about music. It's actually quite important to me and I love music. I have little to no talent for it - just ask my college roomies - but it still remains something I love. I enjoy singing to the radio in the car. I have music on all day long at work. I get ready to music in the mornings. Worship is my favorite party of church. There is just something about music that moves me. Now, don't get me wrong, my taste in music is nothing progressive or cutting edge. I like songs that get played on the radio. I love pop, country, rock and roll, and some oldies - everything from Cash to Ke$ha.
I am going to try something new and post a song of the week for awhile and see how it goes. This week I am loving Beautiful Things by Gungor. I am actually going to a Gungor concert at the end of the month and am pretty excited about it. This was just one of those songs this week that I heard exactly when I needed too.


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