First Ever Product Review: Dry Shampoo

**Disclaimer: I was not asked to do or compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Basically, it's my blog and I do what I want.**

I know it's gross to some, but I don't like to wash my hair everyday. Since I have colored hair, it really is better for me to avoid washing daily to preserve the color. Plus my skin dries out horribly in the winter especially and it is just better to avoid showering daily. However, it is immensely beneficial for me to freshen up my locks in the mornings with some dry shampoo. This is a fairly new product to me and it has taken some trial and error in finding one that works well for me. Just for your info - I have thick, straight hair. I have tried out three different brands of dry shampoo - all can be purchased at Target or Dominicks - Suave, Tresemme, and Umberto. Here are my findings:

The cost:
Suave: $3:49
Tresemme: $5.29
Umberto: $8.99


I feel like Suave is just a tried and true brand that gets a bad rap because it's products are incredibly affordable. Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it isn't effective! I like the Suave option a lot. Of the three, this one definitely has the best scent ever! I kept making Brandon smell my hair after I put it in. It was downright delightful! The Suave does not leave a heavy white powder in my hair, which is a plus for me with my dark hair, but it also won't dry up any heavy oil. This is a great option for then I need a little freshening on a day when I will wear my hair up. And did I mention is smells fantastic?? The smell reminded me of Hawaii for some reason. It was heavenly. Plus, you can't beat that price!


Sadly, I don't really have anything good to say about the Tresemme brand. The first time I used it I nearly choked. The smell is noxious and it clouds out when you spray it. I have to hold my breath, spray it on, and then run out of my bathroom to breathe. The smell does not hang on to your hair, but I can't go back in my bathroom for 2-3 minutes after I use it. I didn't really notice that it did a whole lot to brighten up my hair either. I could definitely feel a residue on my hair after use too, but there isn't a thick white powder. This would not be a recommendation from me.


This is the priciest of my options and actually was the first one I tried. I used the entire first can and have purchased a 2nd one. I do like this one, but it does have the heavy white powder residue. It does brush out easily and I never had a Kate Moss gray hair incident. It really dries up oil well and there is not a filmy residue left over. It's smell is pretty neutral and the spray is very controlled. I can aim right for my part and my hair line, which is where I tend to have more oil issues. So, a little on the pricey side, but definitely a better option for oil control - just make sure you brush it all out!

Anyone else out there have a favorite dry shampoo?


B. Wilson said...

I love dry shampoo! I definitely don't wash my hair everyday either. ;)

I have a few fancy brands, but my friend told me that Suave is better than all the expensive ones because the scent is so much better. Definitely will be buying after I use up all of mine.

Alli (and Tommy too!) said...

Yucck. I can't use dry shampoo to save my life. Although I'm glad you can and B, too, and that it makes everyone else's life easier ;)

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