Week of October in Review

I had really great intentions of blogging my little heart out on Saturday, but alas, I took a 2-hour nap instead. It was glorious.

This week I want to do a re-cap/review of October and see how I did on my goals, set new goals for November, and show you basically every outfit I wore all month! ha - maybe I need to go back to weekly WIWW posts.

So to start off: Goal #1 for October was:
Spend more time at the gym.
That I would say I accomplished. I went to the doc last week for an annual check up and when the nurse asked me if I exercise. I got to say, yep- 2-3 times per week! She was like "Oh good for you!" (Just give me a star sticker!) I am super proud of myself for that. I am currently experiencing some minor set-backs due to some back/headache issues, but am going to the chiro on Wednesday to hopefully get that addressed. In the meantime, I am going to keep on chugging along. I am offically 10 lbs down from my original weight. Not a huge accomplishement since I have been chipping away at this for nearly 9 months, but - I am at the point where people are starting to notice that I am losing weight, which feels awesome. I am able to do more in my pole classes than I could before, strengthwise.  I feel stronger and more confident than I have in the past 2 years. AND I put on a pair of pants yesterday that haven't fit me well in over a year and they fit!

Just to give you an idea of the change, here are pictures of me last year and this year at our church barn dance.

Notice the difference? I sure do!

Stay tuned this week for the Novemeber goals and the rest of the updates about October!

Omnivore's Dilemma - A Review

What’s for dinner?” seems like a simple question. But do you really know…

- What happens to a field of potatoes destined to become french fries … or
- In how many disguises corn sneaks into your food? (Hint: it’s in your soda, your burger, and that Twinkie!)
- Do you know what that “organic” sticker on your banana actually means … or
- Where the chicken in your nugget grew up?

Do you know the secrets behind what you eat?

In this book, you’ll go undercover at the supermarket. You’ll delve behind the scenes of your dinner, and by the time you’ve digested the last page you’ll have put together the fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) puzzle of what’s on your plate and how it got there.

This young readers edition of Michael Pollan’s bestseller The Omnivore’s Dilemma includes a brand-new introduction and afterword, an exclusive author Q&A, and a variety of fresh visual “evidence.”

Now, I need to be honest about 2 things about this book.
#1. When I first heard about it, I thought my friend Meredith was completely insane and I did not want to read a book about corn taking over the supermarket. She is one of those super-healthy people and I thought this book was just another part of her crazy, health-nut, marathon running, Whole Foods shopping ideology. Well, it is, but I just don't think any of that is crazy anymore (well, aside from the marathon running).

#2. I read the Young Adult version of the book, as recommended by another friend who told me how much easier it was to understand. I am so glad I did. I think that if I would have read the adult version (without the fun graphs, pictures, and easy to understand language) that it would not have held my attention as well as this one did.

Ok my review of this book: Everyone should be required to read it. Everyone. I think that it shows a fair and accurate picture of our country and what we have done to our food. The cheapest food has such a high cost environmentally. There is no way I am going to be able to eloquently explain how this book made me feel or how eye-opening it was to read. I just think people need to read it and to understand what is in their food and exactly where it comes from.

Will it complicate your eating habits? Probably.
Is it worth it to know what's in your food and if it will make you sick or fat? Yes. 100%.

Just go read it.

These Boots Are Made For Walking....

Right back to the store?
I am having some second thoughts about my new boots. I love them. I really do. BUT I don’t know if I can justify the purchase of these boots when I may not wear them as much as I would like too. Here is a look at my new Jessica Simpson boots:

(I have another better photo, but I can't get it to turn the right way... maybe later)

Now, why I am having these doubts you may ask?

3 words:

Six inch heels.
(the website says 5.1, but I measured them myself too)

I feel a little like a floozy wearing them around. The hubs cannot understand how boots can make me feel hoochie, but hey, he’s a guy. He doesn’t get it. He just knows that he likes the way I look in them (which – case-in-point right there!). Now, I wanted to really invest in a nice pair of boots that I can wear around, but I am not sure I am OK with the investment into these babies. They are shockingly comfortable. I spent an entire work-day in them with no foot pain issues, but walking around all day without breaking an ankle was my biggest accomplishment of the day.

I did try on dozens of pairs of boots. Dozens. In at least 4 stores.

So, fellow fashionable ladies (and gents), what would you do? Take them back and continue on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots or wear them tall and proud?
pleated poppy

Weekend Fashion Report :)

Well, I barely know what to do with myself these days since Brandon has had so much free time! We spent the weekend doing some much-needed shopping for him. It was probably the best weekend we have had in a long, long, long time. I think I am going like marriage post-CPAs. These past 2 weeks have been wonderful, seeing Brandon actually relax and take some time to enjoy life has been just fantastic. He will be back to the grind of studying this week, but promises me it won’t be as bad as it has been in the past (cross your fingers folks!)

Anyway, while shopping, I noticed a few new trends that I don’t love. Now, let’s all pretend for a hot minute that I actually know something about fashion (even though I don’t). Hey- it’s my blog, I do what I want!

I think the number 1 offender was more a shopper mistake vs. the stores or trends. This has bothered me literally for years (like I think I blogged about this SAME THING on xanga!).

So, trend #1 that I hate:
Leggings as Pants.

It’s not what they are meant for folks! Please stop it! Now, I am guilty of this in my own home, like as PJs. NEVER in public. I don’t care what size or shape you may be, I don’t want to see your bum outlined in lycra or cotton spandex. Leggings are made to wear with shirt-dresses, skirts, long, flowy tops, etc. (aka. Something that covers the bum!) Agree?

Trend #2 that I do not love:
Blousy, boxy tops.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of these shirts. However, being a girl with curves, these shirts hate me. They obviously hang off my body at the widest parts of it, making me look wider that necessary. For some skinny-minnies, I say go for it. I think these shirts look adorable on my little sisters. For me, they are a no-go and I without a doubt will keep trying the stupid things on. So, maybe I am just bitter.

Trend #3 - Boots –
wedge heels and pirate-esque:

I know that wedge heels are like the most trendy thing ever right now, but I HATE them. Not sure why, but I think they look stupid. I think it is much sleeker and sexier to have an actual heel on the boot. If you can’t wear heels, then gosh, you are in luck because flat, riding boots are all the rage right now, and those don’t look dumb! (Should I tell you how I really feel?? ;))

Ok, and people, what is with all of the pirate boots out there?? I seriously spent a large chunk of my weekend trying on dozens of pairs of boots and so many of them have laces and knee accents that just scream “Pirates of the Caribbean!” 3 years ago when I was a pirate for Halloween I would have been all over that… for Halloween. They just seem overdone and costumey to me.

Any trends out there that are irritating you all?

Weekend Update - CPA style

Well, folks, sorry I haven’t paid much attention to my dear ol’ blog this past week. It’s been a tid bit stressful as Brandon had been gearing up for another installment of the CPA exams on Friday. Thanks to everyone for the sweet texts of encouragement and prayers for him! He felt good about the exam afterwards, so that bodes well!
I have also been battling allergy issues all last week! I was determined to not go to the doctor, because the last thing I want is to go on another round of antibiotics for another allergy-attack-turned-sinus-infection. So, I was self-medicating with lots of vitamins and decongestants. It seemed to work and the only thing hanging on still is the darn cough. We also hooked up a humidifier to our room (props to Target for super fast shipping on that baby) which also seems to help with the coughing a little bit. I am blaming the unseasonably warm days for this spike in allergy activity. I am not a big fan of Indian Summers, as I know MANY people out there are, which they told me loud and clear as I was whining on facebook about the 80 degree weather. J I just love the cool, crisp days and am looking forward to their return at the end of this week.
After Brandon finished up the exam on Friday we had a lovely, lovely weekend. It was so nice to get him out of the office and to force him to leave the house without toting around his backpack of CPA materials. I am sure he felt naked without it though, since it has been a nearly constant companion for the last year. This was a short reprieve, but I will take it. He still has (hopefully ONLY) 2 more installments to pass. Friday night we had a nice dinner w/ the parents at Cabana Charley’s. Then Saturday, I had a blissfully lazy morning (slept til 11) and then took the pups to the dog park, while Brandon spent the morning with his dad.
Saturday afternoon I watched Something Borrowed with my little sis-in-law and then we carved pumpkins in the evening. 
Mine (its an owl)

Brandon's... don't ask.

Sunday afternoon we watched Food Inc. – a very enlightening documentary and much more palatable than Earthlings (read: I didn’t get nauseous watching it). It has been very interesting learning about where our foods come from and how we have completely industrialized our farming process. I am also reading about how corn took over the world in Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s sad really, but more on that later.
Sunday evening we had pizza and a great visit with my college roomie, Janna. She’s living out east now, and was back in town to run a marathon and it was so great that she stopped by to visit!
And now – just a shout out to all of the crazy marathon runners that for some reason are friends with me…
This is my view on running, just FYI: 

Anyway – way to go – Alli, Tommy, Mere, Adam, Scott, Janna, and Tyler!
I may joke, but I really do admire the discipline and athleticism it takes to push yourself to run 26 miles and I really do think this is an amazing accomplishment.

October Goals

My friend Alli posts on her monthly goals and I like the idea of setting smaller, attainable goals with a definitive time line, so I am copying her idea (not her goals!). So, here we go...

1. Spend more time at the gym (ALOT more!) I recently signed up for the world's cheapest gym (aka. Planet Fitness, $10 per month!) and I really, really like it! They have a circuit workout room set up, which is my favorite type of work-out to do (do a machine for 60 seconds, step for 60 seconds and so on for 30 minutes). This prevents me from getting bored and irritable while working out. I will admit that I have fallen off of my weight-loss, be-healthier wagon a little bit, so I need to work on getting back on that wagon! My official goal will be to go to the gym 3x per week (Mon-Thurs-Sat) for 30 minutes and have my other class Wednesdays, and work-up from there.

2. Take advantage of more local amenities (not even sure if that's the right word, but whatev.) Today, Alli and I went to a local flea market/craft fair. OMG. Flippin phenomenal! I definitely can't wait to go back - too bad its only once a month! But, seeing something so awesome that was only 40 minutes away made me realize that I have really been a hermit and that I need to explore the unique, local, cheap/free things around me. So, at least 2 more times this month I want to take advantage of something local and fun (which, let's face it, shouldn't be too hard since it is fall and there are a TON of fall festivals and outdoor activities to do!)

3. Learn more about the vegetarian diet. The hubs has recently decided, after watching a particularly gruesome and graphic documentary, that he wants to be a vegetarian. After watching only 26 minutes of the aforementioned documentary, I decided I would be supportive and join him (liberally) in his diet. I am not going to completely cut out fish and the rare, occasional, weak trip to Panda Express for some orange chicken (it's my kryptonite I swear!) but he feels very strongly about cutting out all meat. So, I need to learn how to cook for a vegetarian diet, including how to replace the proteins we will no longer be getting from meat. (The documentary is Earthlings - available on Netflix, Youtube,com, and Earthlings.com if you are interested).

4. Now, don't be appalled everyone, but this goal is to get another large chunk of Christmas shopping done! I like to start early and already have a few gifts stockpiled up, but have a looonnnnnggg way to go! Brandon is my shopping Jiminy Cricket and I am trying to run all purchases past him since I seem to have a slight problem editing myself when shopping for others. He will be trying to keep me on my budget goals for this holiday season.... pray for him. He will need all the help he can get! :)

5. De-allergy-ify our house. Brandon and I seem to have a sneezing, sniffling, runny nose problem at home, especially at night. I have, so far, cleaned, vacuumed, bathed the pups, changed the sheets, switched out the down comforter for a non-down one, and we are STILL having allergy problems! I am strongly considering an air purifier for our bedroom - any reccomendations on that?

I think that is plenty of goals for now. Anyone else setting some goals for the next month or have any input on how I can achieve mine?