October Goals

My friend Alli posts on her monthly goals and I like the idea of setting smaller, attainable goals with a definitive time line, so I am copying her idea (not her goals!). So, here we go...

1. Spend more time at the gym (ALOT more!) I recently signed up for the world's cheapest gym (aka. Planet Fitness, $10 per month!) and I really, really like it! They have a circuit workout room set up, which is my favorite type of work-out to do (do a machine for 60 seconds, step for 60 seconds and so on for 30 minutes). This prevents me from getting bored and irritable while working out. I will admit that I have fallen off of my weight-loss, be-healthier wagon a little bit, so I need to work on getting back on that wagon! My official goal will be to go to the gym 3x per week (Mon-Thurs-Sat) for 30 minutes and have my other class Wednesdays, and work-up from there.

2. Take advantage of more local amenities (not even sure if that's the right word, but whatev.) Today, Alli and I went to a local flea market/craft fair. OMG. Flippin phenomenal! I definitely can't wait to go back - too bad its only once a month! But, seeing something so awesome that was only 40 minutes away made me realize that I have really been a hermit and that I need to explore the unique, local, cheap/free things around me. So, at least 2 more times this month I want to take advantage of something local and fun (which, let's face it, shouldn't be too hard since it is fall and there are a TON of fall festivals and outdoor activities to do!)

3. Learn more about the vegetarian diet. The hubs has recently decided, after watching a particularly gruesome and graphic documentary, that he wants to be a vegetarian. After watching only 26 minutes of the aforementioned documentary, I decided I would be supportive and join him (liberally) in his diet. I am not going to completely cut out fish and the rare, occasional, weak trip to Panda Express for some orange chicken (it's my kryptonite I swear!) but he feels very strongly about cutting out all meat. So, I need to learn how to cook for a vegetarian diet, including how to replace the proteins we will no longer be getting from meat. (The documentary is Earthlings - available on Netflix, Youtube,com, and Earthlings.com if you are interested).

4. Now, don't be appalled everyone, but this goal is to get another large chunk of Christmas shopping done! I like to start early and already have a few gifts stockpiled up, but have a looonnnnnggg way to go! Brandon is my shopping Jiminy Cricket and I am trying to run all purchases past him since I seem to have a slight problem editing myself when shopping for others. He will be trying to keep me on my budget goals for this holiday season.... pray for him. He will need all the help he can get! :)

5. De-allergy-ify our house. Brandon and I seem to have a sneezing, sniffling, runny nose problem at home, especially at night. I have, so far, cleaned, vacuumed, bathed the pups, changed the sheets, switched out the down comforter for a non-down one, and we are STILL having allergy problems! I am strongly considering an air purifier for our bedroom - any reccomendations on that?

I think that is plenty of goals for now. Anyone else setting some goals for the next month or have any input on how I can achieve mine?


Erin Finney said...

My friend Mariana has an awesome blog...she was A vegetarian before she got pregnant and always had great recipes!


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