A Review: Portals of Water and Wine

I have to admit that I was actually really excited to read this book despite knowing almost nothing about it. I will tell you what I did know before picking it up: I knew it was about fairies and I knew the woman who wrote it. This is R. L. Haas's debut novel and it has been really excited to see her chase her dreams and make them come true. 
I want to do this review justice, and because I respect the author, I want it to be honest. I mostly loved this book and actually found myself wishing there was more - more to sink my teeth into of this beautiful world Haas created and more of the relationships to flesh out between the characters. Her writing is dramatic in the best way possible and the girl made me feel like I should at least attempt to learn how to cook with her ah-mazing descriptions of Naya cooking. Really - it was mouthwatering to read about Naya's lasagna and homemade bread, and since when is cooking sexy?

Anyway, I digress.

Her characters are lovable, a bit gritty, and endearing. Sometimes the plot felt a little predictable, but then I would get sucker-punched with a turn I never saw coming. It is also really important to me to tell you all that I actually had to put this book down a couple times because of Haas's eloquent, and frighteningly accurate descriptions of grief. It brought emotions to the surface in me that I rather not feel and I feel like that is an extraordinary talent.

Now, I do like my endings all wrapped up in a bow, but since this is Book 1 of a trilogy, I did not get that. Haas actually ripped out my heart, stepped on it, and then left me with a thread of hope for the future books at the end. 

And, actually, I would like that sequel now please. I would definitely recommend this book and give it a 4/5 - As a debut novel, I feel like it is the first stone thrown into a lake and it is just going to keep rippling, spawning more fantastic stories and I look forward to that.