Heartbreak and Healing

It has been quite awhile since I have taken the time to share more of my journey, so as I sit here on vacation, feeling relaxed and cared for (I am waiting on homemade muffins as I type this - lesson: let people love you - check!) I wanted to take a moment to share a little more about where I am.

The past eight months have been a transformative time in my life, and after being able to take time to process my feelings and move through the shock, pain, and change, I know now that I wouldn't take any of it back. I shared on New Year's that I feel like in the past year my heart has been broken and then rebuilt better, bigger, and more open to love than I ever thought possible. So much of my healing has been because of the support of those around me. I think it is amazing how people can support one another from hundreds of miles away, just by a simple text, a heartfelt message, a silly meme, and I have felt the love and support deeply and am so happy to be a part of that network. I don't have the capacity or words to express how deep my gratitude goes. The friendships in my life, especially with other women who have had the same experiences, has been vital to my healing process.

And I truly feel healed - on a deep, soul-level. I am at such peace with the decision to end my marriage. It was right and honest and good to end it - and I will always reflect on it as a time that I learned so much about myself, about love, about family, and happiness. Yes, of course it is bittersweet to say goodbye to something so precious, but I have so much excitement about my future. I feel like 2016 is going to be a huge year for me in so many ways. Big things are coming and I am excited to be able to share them as they do - both personally and professionally.

My heart is so full. Six months ago, I wouldn't have thought it possible that I could have such a capacity for love or that I would go through my days with an authentic smile on my face. I want to encourage other people who are struggling - there is beauty in the breaking. You can get through the hard parts by leaning into those around you who love you, let them lift you up, let them help you heal, and give yourself time. Be kind to yourself and respect your own limits. It hurts now, and sometimes it may seem like there is no way you will find happiness, love, laughter, and joy again - but I promise you, you will. And it will be so much sweeter, and more precious to you because of the path of sadness and heartache you walk through now. I am as hopeful for your future as I am for mine .