Weekend Update - CPA style

Well, folks, sorry I haven’t paid much attention to my dear ol’ blog this past week. It’s been a tid bit stressful as Brandon had been gearing up for another installment of the CPA exams on Friday. Thanks to everyone for the sweet texts of encouragement and prayers for him! He felt good about the exam afterwards, so that bodes well!
I have also been battling allergy issues all last week! I was determined to not go to the doctor, because the last thing I want is to go on another round of antibiotics for another allergy-attack-turned-sinus-infection. So, I was self-medicating with lots of vitamins and decongestants. It seemed to work and the only thing hanging on still is the darn cough. We also hooked up a humidifier to our room (props to Target for super fast shipping on that baby) which also seems to help with the coughing a little bit. I am blaming the unseasonably warm days for this spike in allergy activity. I am not a big fan of Indian Summers, as I know MANY people out there are, which they told me loud and clear as I was whining on facebook about the 80 degree weather. J I just love the cool, crisp days and am looking forward to their return at the end of this week.
After Brandon finished up the exam on Friday we had a lovely, lovely weekend. It was so nice to get him out of the office and to force him to leave the house without toting around his backpack of CPA materials. I am sure he felt naked without it though, since it has been a nearly constant companion for the last year. This was a short reprieve, but I will take it. He still has (hopefully ONLY) 2 more installments to pass. Friday night we had a nice dinner w/ the parents at Cabana Charley’s. Then Saturday, I had a blissfully lazy morning (slept til 11) and then took the pups to the dog park, while Brandon spent the morning with his dad.
Saturday afternoon I watched Something Borrowed with my little sis-in-law and then we carved pumpkins in the evening. 
Mine (its an owl)

Brandon's... don't ask.

Sunday afternoon we watched Food Inc. – a very enlightening documentary and much more palatable than Earthlings (read: I didn’t get nauseous watching it). It has been very interesting learning about where our foods come from and how we have completely industrialized our farming process. I am also reading about how corn took over the world in Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s sad really, but more on that later.
Sunday evening we had pizza and a great visit with my college roomie, Janna. She’s living out east now, and was back in town to run a marathon and it was so great that she stopped by to visit!
And now – just a shout out to all of the crazy marathon runners that for some reason are friends with me…
This is my view on running, just FYI: 

Anyway – way to go – Alli, Tommy, Mere, Adam, Scott, Janna, and Tyler!
I may joke, but I really do admire the discipline and athleticism it takes to push yourself to run 26 miles and I really do think this is an amazing accomplishment.


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