Weekend Fashion Report :)

Well, I barely know what to do with myself these days since Brandon has had so much free time! We spent the weekend doing some much-needed shopping for him. It was probably the best weekend we have had in a long, long, long time. I think I am going like marriage post-CPAs. These past 2 weeks have been wonderful, seeing Brandon actually relax and take some time to enjoy life has been just fantastic. He will be back to the grind of studying this week, but promises me it won’t be as bad as it has been in the past (cross your fingers folks!)

Anyway, while shopping, I noticed a few new trends that I don’t love. Now, let’s all pretend for a hot minute that I actually know something about fashion (even though I don’t). Hey- it’s my blog, I do what I want!

I think the number 1 offender was more a shopper mistake vs. the stores or trends. This has bothered me literally for years (like I think I blogged about this SAME THING on xanga!).

So, trend #1 that I hate:
Leggings as Pants.

It’s not what they are meant for folks! Please stop it! Now, I am guilty of this in my own home, like as PJs. NEVER in public. I don’t care what size or shape you may be, I don’t want to see your bum outlined in lycra or cotton spandex. Leggings are made to wear with shirt-dresses, skirts, long, flowy tops, etc. (aka. Something that covers the bum!) Agree?

Trend #2 that I do not love:
Blousy, boxy tops.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of these shirts. However, being a girl with curves, these shirts hate me. They obviously hang off my body at the widest parts of it, making me look wider that necessary. For some skinny-minnies, I say go for it. I think these shirts look adorable on my little sisters. For me, they are a no-go and I without a doubt will keep trying the stupid things on. So, maybe I am just bitter.

Trend #3 - Boots –
wedge heels and pirate-esque:

I know that wedge heels are like the most trendy thing ever right now, but I HATE them. Not sure why, but I think they look stupid. I think it is much sleeker and sexier to have an actual heel on the boot. If you can’t wear heels, then gosh, you are in luck because flat, riding boots are all the rage right now, and those don’t look dumb! (Should I tell you how I really feel?? ;))

Ok, and people, what is with all of the pirate boots out there?? I seriously spent a large chunk of my weekend trying on dozens of pairs of boots and so many of them have laces and knee accents that just scream “Pirates of the Caribbean!” 3 years ago when I was a pirate for Halloween I would have been all over that… for Halloween. They just seem overdone and costumey to me.

Any trends out there that are irritating you all?


Farmchick said...

I have to agree about the leggings as pants thing. Just too much information showing! I also dislike those blousy tops that actually look like maternity wear. Yuck.

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