Omnivore's Dilemma - A Review

What’s for dinner?” seems like a simple question. But do you really know…

- What happens to a field of potatoes destined to become french fries … or
- In how many disguises corn sneaks into your food? (Hint: it’s in your soda, your burger, and that Twinkie!)
- Do you know what that “organic” sticker on your banana actually means … or
- Where the chicken in your nugget grew up?

Do you know the secrets behind what you eat?

In this book, you’ll go undercover at the supermarket. You’ll delve behind the scenes of your dinner, and by the time you’ve digested the last page you’ll have put together the fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) puzzle of what’s on your plate and how it got there.

This young readers edition of Michael Pollan’s bestseller The Omnivore’s Dilemma includes a brand-new introduction and afterword, an exclusive author Q&A, and a variety of fresh visual “evidence.”

Now, I need to be honest about 2 things about this book.
#1. When I first heard about it, I thought my friend Meredith was completely insane and I did not want to read a book about corn taking over the supermarket. She is one of those super-healthy people and I thought this book was just another part of her crazy, health-nut, marathon running, Whole Foods shopping ideology. Well, it is, but I just don't think any of that is crazy anymore (well, aside from the marathon running).

#2. I read the Young Adult version of the book, as recommended by another friend who told me how much easier it was to understand. I am so glad I did. I think that if I would have read the adult version (without the fun graphs, pictures, and easy to understand language) that it would not have held my attention as well as this one did.

Ok my review of this book: Everyone should be required to read it. Everyone. I think that it shows a fair and accurate picture of our country and what we have done to our food. The cheapest food has such a high cost environmentally. There is no way I am going to be able to eloquently explain how this book made me feel or how eye-opening it was to read. I just think people need to read it and to understand what is in their food and exactly where it comes from.

Will it complicate your eating habits? Probably.
Is it worth it to know what's in your food and if it will make you sick or fat? Yes. 100%.

Just go read it.


Farmchick said...

Have you also watched Food, Inc.? A great documentary of the food system. I also love Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I will have to check out this book.

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