Week of October in Review

I had really great intentions of blogging my little heart out on Saturday, but alas, I took a 2-hour nap instead. It was glorious.

This week I want to do a re-cap/review of October and see how I did on my goals, set new goals for November, and show you basically every outfit I wore all month! ha - maybe I need to go back to weekly WIWW posts.

So to start off: Goal #1 for October was:
Spend more time at the gym.
That I would say I accomplished. I went to the doc last week for an annual check up and when the nurse asked me if I exercise. I got to say, yep- 2-3 times per week! She was like "Oh good for you!" (Just give me a star sticker!) I am super proud of myself for that. I am currently experiencing some minor set-backs due to some back/headache issues, but am going to the chiro on Wednesday to hopefully get that addressed. In the meantime, I am going to keep on chugging along. I am offically 10 lbs down from my original weight. Not a huge accomplishement since I have been chipping away at this for nearly 9 months, but - I am at the point where people are starting to notice that I am losing weight, which feels awesome. I am able to do more in my pole classes than I could before, strengthwise.  I feel stronger and more confident than I have in the past 2 years. AND I put on a pair of pants yesterday that haven't fit me well in over a year and they fit!

Just to give you an idea of the change, here are pictures of me last year and this year at our church barn dance.

Notice the difference? I sure do!

Stay tuned this week for the Novemeber goals and the rest of the updates about October!


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