The Rest of my October Goals

I am continuing to look back at my October goals and let ya'll know how I did. So, today, I address goals #2-5.

Goal #2:
Take advantage of more local amenities.

I think I almost met that one. I only went to 1 event, but am planning on going to that flea market again this weekend! Does that count??
My small group hosted our church's second annual Barn Dance and I was in charge of decorations, so obviously, we attended the barn dance! It was super fun! Here are some more pics:

Goal #3:
Learn more about the vegetarian diet.

This is going to be an on-going goal for me. I am working on it, but so far am really OK with this meat-free diet. I am working on being aware of where my proteins and essential amino acids come from. Honestly, I think I am more aware of the food I am putting into my body than I ever have been in the past. So, I think I am meeting this goal and want to continue on my learning journey!

Goal #4:
Get another large chunk of Christmas shopping done!

Winning! I have almost completed Christmas shopping for the immediate fam AND most of their gifts are wrapped (not fancy yet, but just wrapped in the paper). Boo-ya!

Goal #5:
De-allergy-ify our house.

*sigh* I hate allergies. But I would say we are making good progress on this one. The number of mornings we have both woken up wheezing has decreased. After some research and a facebook poll we purchased an air purifier and a humidifier. I think we are going to looooooove the humidifier for winter, especially since this week we are making the great change to flannel sheets. We are more vigilant about vacuuming and I have started taking a nightly antihistamine. Next step? Allergist? Hopefully we can put that off til Spring.

Whew - that's the end of my October goals. Did you set any goals for the month? How did you do?


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