November Goals

OK - new month, new set of goals:

#1. Continue working on my fitness (Fergi style)!
#2. Keep me house clean, so that when people pop over unexpectedly I am not running around throwing piles of clothes into closets, piles of dirty dishes into dishwashers, lighting candles and shutting all of the doors.
#3. Try again to take advantage of local free stuff. This might be tough as the holiday season approaches, as we tend to get verrrrrry busy.
#4. Try 2 new vegetarian recipes. I have piles of new recipes just sitting in my kitchen, waiting to be cooked. Problem is, I am terrified. I need to get over my fear and just jump in!
#5. Complete 2 Pinterest projects! I think I have my 2 picked out already, but I want to make sure I get them done! They are both for Christmas decor!
#6. Enjoy a stress-free vacation - I will tell you more about it when I get back (ya know, paranoid about internet stalkers and such)

Whew - How about ya'll? Have any goals for the month?


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