Music Feature Friday!

I am trying something new here kids! I am going to try to feature a couple songs every Friday that I have really been digging throughout the week. They may be new/current songs or something more old school. I am going to try to post every week for awhile and see how it is received.

This week I was apparently drawn to songs with  haunting quality. First one is And the World Turns by the Gabe Dixon Band. This popped up on one of my Pandora stations and just loved it. What do you think?

And song #2 is Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, Safe and Sound. I am probably loving it so much because it is the Hunger Games song. So excited to see this movie!!! Right AlliFerg? :) Thoughts on this one?

Well, I hope you like my "Friday Feature!" And if you do, tell me about it! :)


Michelle said...

I really like The Civil Wars!

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