Hi ya'll - just sharing my Instagram photos from the week! :)
I MacGyver'd an umbrella to my chair because it was so sunny and lovely last Saturday! (bummer though, bc apparently some neighbor reported me for having a "tie out" for my dogs (which I dont) bc they were leashed with me outside AND now I may have to get rid of my rug too because it is apparently against the by-laws of the association. I guess they have bylaws against fabulous purple rugs.) end rant.

My awesome bracelet from Katie :)

Mt. Dew - a gift from Heaven. I got this out of a pop machine by pressing the Sierra Mist button on a machine that doesn't sell Mt. Dew on a day I seriously needed a caffeine jolt.

My baby cakes and her under-bite :)

"I like big bows and I cannot lie" Spiced up a boring outfit with some polka dots!

While waiting for the midnight showing of Hunger Games my last caption sparked this lovely interaction :)


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Love that bracelet!

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