Music Mash Up

My musical tastes this week are a little bit on the funky side. A little modern, a little pop, and a whole lotta bluegrass. :)

First - Gotye, Someone I Used to Know. The video is just as odd as the song. And I am very distracted by this guy's mouth and teeth. Anyway...

Next - A little bit of pop for ya - I have loved Train since their Meet Virginia days - seriously, my first year of Spanish in high school I picked the name Virginia, not realizing until it was too late that it was pronounced vir-heen-ee-ya en the espanol. I switched names the next year. lol
And another weird aside - Does anyone else think that Pat Monahan looks like he could be Ian Somerhalder's dad, or less hot older brother?

Next up a little bit of bluegrass! This song was played Sunday at church during a video and I loved it sooooo much that I downloaded the whole album. I felt like it goes back to my roots a little bit and I just love Rhonda Vincent's voice.

And finally, my newest musical love affair. The Civil Wars. I really had a hard, hard time picking which song to post because their entire album is phenomenal. Seriously - there is not one bad song. Not even a mediocre song. It's like the Adele album in that there is not one bad song. I love them all. Go buy it. Now.


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