Feeling Restricted and Confined

So, I had this great idea that I wanted to start a blog about books! I have a passion for reading, which I have had since I was a kid, and wanted to share my reading and opinions with someone! In college my 2 roommates were the absolute best to talk about books with- I mean, we even had a communal book shelf! I spent many days lounging about and reading for hours on end with Liz and sitting in Janna's doorway telling her about my latest book. However, since I have been introduced to the world of blogging, I feel contained and restricted only being able to write about books. I have so many other passions too! So, since it's my blog and I can do whatever I want here, I have revamped! I am going to be able to cover a much broader range of topics that are important to me in my life. This is probably going to include some fun redecorating projects, random pics and stories about my baby girls (eh hem dogs), cooking attempts and disasters, some traveling, and of course, books!
Here is what you have to look forward to in the next few weeks:
1. A review of The Astronomer, which I am currently reading.
2. A quick weekend trip to WI over Labor Day weekend with some friends
3. A new recipe I got from our Pastor's wife for a fruit cobbler (I am particularly excited about this one)
4. A possible attempt at self-grooming my pups (Groomers are expensive and we are on a budget.) I say possible because the prospect is a little daunting and I don't want my babies to look like naked mole rats. They are too cute for that:
 Izzie and Sophie!
Miss Sophers

Well now I feel free to express myself more completely! I am now incredibly excited to continue with blogging!


alliferg said...

enjoying the new look and glad you don't feel so restricted! haha.

AshleaD said...

Thanks Alli! I spent like a hour trying to find another layout that I could upload the HTML from, but it just kept messing with my modules! I finally caved and looked through the pre-made ones again and found this little gem. :)

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