Learning to have a life between the hours of 6 and 11 pm

Is not easy. I am in the middle of a marathon of 13 days of working and it has been rough not having my weekends. I usually save all of my cleaning, laundry, doggy grooming, and grocery chores for the weekends, because I am just tired when I get home at night after work. Well, now that I have officially worked 7 days in a row, I feel like my apartment is falling apart. I have laundry in the living room that has been clean since last weekend. I have dishes in the living room which is just gross, not to mention the state of my kitchen right now. All of the clothes I have worn for a short time or tried on and vetoed for an outfit this week are piled up in my bedroom on our trunk. Every accessory I have worn this week is either on the big bathroom sink, the little bathroom sink, or my dresser. I am dying to dust and desperately need to clean the shower because the drain was recently clogged (hopefully unclogging as we speak). Now, this might just be grossing you out right now (sorry) but this is the state of my life.
Have you ever heard that saying "Messy bed, messy head." Well, Nana may have made that up, but I think it is an accurate saying. If your surroundings are messy, unorganized, and in general chaotic, I think your thoughts tend to be that way. This is true for me anyway. I have been scattered and overwhelmed recently and have been mulling over some big life decisions for our future.
That's not really the point of this blog though. See- I am so scatter-brained I can't even keep my blog on track tonight!
I have been making some small successes at still having somewhat of a social life, despite the working 8 days a week. This past week I was able to have dinner with some girlfriends, do a fitness class, go grocery shopping (kinda), make a completely pointless, hour-long trip to Petsmart (grumble- The pups needed a nail trim and apparently they don't have my newest Rabies update, so they wouldn't do it. I even ok'd muzzles! but nooooooooo, my apparently rabid-looking dogs could not have nail trims. We are gonna try again tomorrow... but I digress...), hang out with my in-laws, and have taco/movie night with another good friend. Now, you might be wondering why I can do all that, but not wash my dishes or clean my shower... Well, those things are way more fun and rewarding than cleaning and that's what you'd choose to spend your time doing too. :) You might also be wondering why I have not been hanging out with my husband. The answer to that one is: because I am being a supportive wife. I have been trying very hard to stay out of his hair while he studies hard for his next CPA exam while juggling his last 3 masters classes. I will be seeing very little of him in the next 2 months due to the school work and the best thing I can do is support his study habits and make sure he doesn't miss too many meals. (I am failing at the latter this week. I caught him eating straight out of the peanut butter jar when I came home tonight)
I do feel like I conquered something tonight though, because I organized the cubby underneath our bathroom sink that we use for storing extra bath stuff and toilet paper. I was struck with inspiration to move a shelf from under my desk that was being fairly useless to the bathroom cubby space to create a more organized environment. Before everything was pretty much thrown in there... sorry I don't have any pictures for you, but you don't really need to see pics of toilet paper anyway.
Ok- I will end this rambling blog by telling you that the movie I watched tonight with my good friend Amber was very cute. Letters to Juliet was a lovely RomCom. A bit predictable, but aren't all RomComs? We got a few good laughs out of it and enjoyed the Italian countryside scenery of the movie. I'd recommend it for a girly movie night :)


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