New Crafty Schtuff

Papa made me a new necklace box! I had put all of my necklaces in a shoe box and ziploc baggies when we moved. And there they stayed until last week. Papa made this out of the template he used for key boxes.

I couldn't fit all in of my necklaces so I decided to put my more costume-y, less delicate necklaces into a mini drawer set that I got from my aunt and uncle when they moved out of their house. I used simple plastic drawer dividers which I cut down to size to divide up the drawers for the necklaces.

The super-cute shoe is to show how tiny this dresser is. :)

So now all of my jewelry has a home! I am so happy to finally be able to see all of my necklaces!

And another new project from this past weekend - some new wall art! At our wedding I had quilt squares for people to write on to give us well-wishes or marital advice. My dream-idea was to make them into a full-sized quilt that I could put on display in my home... Well it didn't really pan out. I only have about 20 squares written on (out of over 200 guests) so not really enough to make a substantial quilt. These have been just sitting in a drawer for over a year now. Well, about a month ago I found this great wooden, 3-picture frame that was the perfect shade of green to match our living room! It was in our mail room (people just put stuff there they are getting rid of) so it was free (even more perfect)!! I was struck with inspiration when I came upon the quilt squares on Saturday when I was cleaning. This frame had just been sitting in our foyer for weeks since I didn't have any pictures to put in it. Well, it was meant to be-


I hung it in our hallway. It is so nice to have these (even just a few!) finally on display!

And something to look forward too- I have been hit with inspiration for Christmas (I know its a little early) decor! I am so excited- I can't believe I still have to wait a month and a half before I can start putting anything up since I am strictly a day-after-Thanksgiving-and-no-sooner for Christmas decorating kinda girl...


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