Week {end} Update

I just realized two things on this rainy Saturday morning.
       1. (much to my chagrin) I will clearly not be spray painting my hideously ugly neon very bright yellow lamps or anything else for the bedroom re-do.
      2. I do not have to leave my house for ANYTHING today, which is next to amazing. I cannot remember the last time I spend an entire day without leaving the apartment.

So what better thing to do than update my blog about my past fantastic (w/ some high and low points) week.

Last Sunday I spent the day working both the Receptionist position and the Admission position at work, counting down the hours until I could go home because of the fabulous Barn Dance the Christian Church of Claredon Hills was having in Naperville. Brandon and I put on our western gear and along with the 'rents and little sister headed to the Barn Dance! I was in heaven. They taught us line dances and square dances and it was so much more fun than when we used to do it in gym class. Here are a couple fun pictures from the night.

There's a whole-lotta plaid going on!

Then, a mere two days later, on a TUESDAY, the fam headed to downtown Chicago for a movie premiere. A long-time family friend of mine help to produce the movie TRUST (follow the link to see the trailer) which is about a young girl who is sexually assaulted by an online predator. It is dark, emotional, and thought-provoking. I thought the movie was done very well and the audience was able to connect with this family. Anyway, my family went out to dinner at Cafe Luxe and then headed to the Chicago Film Festival. It was such a cool experience! We got to give the movie a rating (5/5 from me of course) and there were no previews.  Next year we want to go back and see the Surprise showing. It is a movie premiere that is free (w/ the purchase of a festival t-shirt) and you don't know what you are seeing! Here are a couple pics from that night.

And finally to cap off my week - I got a promotion at work! This work-week has had some highs and lows. I have felt like I was not being compensated for the amount of work I currently do and have probably taken on a lot more responsibility than my current position was originally designed to have. One of my promoters said that I have "outgrown" my current position which is a really good way to look at it. This has come at a really good time too because I was going to be considering other options once Brandon started working and now I don't really have to! I, of course, am still going to look into grad schools and see if that's a route I was to take, but I feel like I am going to be happy in this new position... which is: Dementia Care Coordinator. I am going to be working under the Director of Dementia Care on both of the Special Care Units (where we have residents with mid to late stage dementia) in Tabor Hills. Some of what I will be doing will be the same as my current position, but I will get more face-time with residents and will have a bigger role in activity-planning and it will be a more supervisory position. Praise God for an answer to prayers as I had really been seeking a direction in my life and He has provided it!
Rocking the Jackie O. look for 50's 60's day at work!


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