Fitness Fail

So, I have had this lofty goals of being healthy, eating well, and exercising on a regular basis. And to sum up the last month: MASSIVE FAIL.
I do not want to take full credit for the fail though, because part of it is due to health. The last 2-3 weeks I have been having lower back pain and neck pain. I am taking a break from the gym until I can get clearance from a chiropractor to safely work out. Yesterday was especially pitiful - I was laying on my in-laws floor with ice packs on my back and neck attempting to watch Julie and Julia after a particularly satisfying NFC Championship game. (Go Pack!) So, in an effort to not further damage my back/neck I have not been working out.
And the food: Oh for shame! Do you want to hear what I ate yesterday for lunch? Half dozen (maybe more) honey BBQ wings from BWW and a slab of chocolate cake WITH ice cream AND a can of fanta. I kind of want to crawl under a rock... Not such a great move on the healthy eating. Oh- and today for lunch - a big ol' plate full of leftover sesame chicken and steamed rice. *cringe*
I am basically writing this to try to hold myself accountable to these goals I had set. My health is important to me, more important than a plate full of sugar-coated chicken.

In other news: I have a craft project on the horizon and a book review as soon as I force myself through the last 20 pages of The 19th Wife. Yep - its' that good guys I can hardly make myself finish it. (read: sarcasm) Also coming up in the next week or so I have a project for work that I want to share with you, because maybe someone out there has a loved one with dementia and might be able to benefit from it.


e Liz said...

I think a big championship game gets a little grace in the food dept ;) congrats on your packers winning. I hear 'ya with the flux of good and not-so-good fitness choices. Tough. So much goodness in life and work to fit in that planning for the in and output goodness takes planning effort too. A personal chef and trainer would be so much easier, haha ;) Hope your back and neck feel better soon! Can't wait to hear about your dementia project.

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