Golden Globes: Best and Worst Dressed

In my humble opinion anyway...

So, really, the only reason to watch awards shows is to see what the celebs are wearing- I mean that and to see how insulting the host can be. Apparently, Ricky Gervais took it a bit far... Well, I enjoyed watching the red carpet last night with my mom-in-law and here are some of the best and the worst:
Olivia Wilde - its sparkly!!

Sofia Vergara - Va va voom!

Julia Stiles - I actually LOVE this dress - she looks great!

Modern Family rocks my world and so does this dress! Julia Bowen

Minus the "jack it to Jesus" hair and odd look on her face- loving the emerald green that Mild Kunis is rocking

Amber Riley is ROCKING this dress! love love love!

And now... drum roll please... WORST: (trust me- there were ALOT to choose from - it was tough to narrow it down)

ScarJo looking SCARY. Bride o' Frankenstein anyone?

Why does JLo have to accessorize a perfectly pretty dress with a sheer bedazzled cape? I am baffled.

Recognize this actress? Me neither - until I read her name: It's Jayma Mays- Miss Pillsbury from Glee! Way to over-done

Oh Julianne Moore... Why?

Now, Heidi Klum - Ms. Project Runway should have known better.

She may have one best actress, but Natalie Portman does not win best dressed in this pink - rose adorned potato sack.

Ah- Helena Bonham Carter. We know you are quirky and love you for it... but did you HAVE to wear 2 different colored shoes? And the Bellatrix hair? The dress really was enough.

Ah- well that was fun- Can't wait to see what Joan Rivers has to say about this red carpet!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Good choices for both categories. I didn't watch the Golden Globes (the Academy Awards are a different story), but I did read an article that listed some of Ricky G's jokes. I thought they were funny (but they weren't directed at me). I think our celebs are stuck-up snobs who are way too full of themselves. So, he said jerky things. So what? Laugh and move on. Talk about an overreaction!
Helena Bonham Carter was so cute when she was younger, and then she got goregous, and now she's just looking weird. I blame Tim Burton.
I don't think I would mind Natalie Portman's dress if it didn't have that giant rose on it.

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