Weekend Update!

Hi folks -
I know my posts of late of been a bit morose. I am not big fan of the month of March for a lot of personal reasons, but I am very excited and upbeat today because it is officially SPRING!

It is raining outside and thundering and I am loving every second of it! We even turned off the heat and have the window open, letting in the crisp, fresh air! I had a pretty fantastic weekend too (completely ruined the diet, but hey - I will start again tomorrow) and thought I would share -

Friday Night: Nothing too crazy, hung out w/ the 'rents and Brandon watched some basketball with his dad. Panera and a low key night.

Saturday: Started off bright and early at the dog park w/ the girls! It was the perfect day for it!!! We spent about an hour there and then the girls were pooped. We came home and they crashed. :) Sophers snuggled up with me while I finished reading a book. I am currently in the middle of The Devil's Highway, and it is pretty heavy, so I picked up a quick, smutty, brain candy book which while I thoroughly it, will not be reviewing :)

In the afternoon I went to the mall and power-shopped. I was there for an hour and hit up 5 stores. I got a pretty new dress from Charlotte Russe. 2 pair of cute flats for summertime from Payless. A cute dress for work from Macy's (only $15 since I had a leftover $15 gift card from Christmas). I got a plethora of new undergarments from Victoria's Secret at a great deal thanks to a $10 off coupon, a Free Panty coupon, and a $10 off any bra coupon! Score! I also got some goodies from Bath and Body works, since my friend AlliFerg told me about the free tote and lotion they were giving away from 1pm- 5pm on Saturday only! I love the scent of the lotion I got for free (Country Girl- I think) and the new Peach Bellini foaming hand soap. I was looking for a new body splash scent for summer, and ended up getting Orange Sapphire, but I gave it to my mom-in-law today because I was not a fan of it on me this morning. Too strong, not enough orange . The tote is... plastic. lol It is a clear plastic thing w/ a floral print. Eh- it was free. I will probably use it as a gift bag for someone.
Then, when I got home, I took the dogs for a mile-long walk.

Saturday evening consisted of grabbing a delicious, yet rushed dinner @ Cabana Charley's - an island themed restaurant by our apartment - with Brandon's brother and his girlfriend. Then, we rushed over to the movie theatre to meet up with the parents for the movie The Adjustment Bureau. The movie was OK - the previews led me to believe it would be all action-packed, but it was more thought provoking than action-y. 

Sunday: We headed to church this morning, made a quick Target run for some necessities and a new pillow for me - trying out memory foam for the neck and headache issues. We spent the rest of the day lounging at the parent's house, watched Bambi, and Brandon got us some new iPhones! When we got home, we took the dogs for another mile-walk during sunset. They are off sleeping somewhere now. I suppose I will need to finish up some laundry and dishes before heading into another busy week.

I hope everyone else had some fun-filled weekends and some down-time! I really feel rejuvenated and hope I can carry this with me throughout the week!


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Sounds like a busy weekend!

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