Embracing the Pale - Skin Cancer Scare

So, I have recently had a skin cancer scare. The hubs and I decided to see a dermatologist since we both have quite a few moles. I had to have 2 removed to be biopsied. After nearly 2 weeks of stressing and trying to pretend I wasn't - I got the call.

One of my moles was normal. The other - abnormal or pre-cancerous. Basically, if it had been left alone, it would have likely developed into melanoma, the worst type of skin cancer. Nothing else needs to be done now, except keeping an eye on all of the bajillion other moles on my body, making sure they don't grow, change color, and that new ones don't pop up.

I do need to say a huge thank-you to all of you out there who were supporting me in prayer with this situation. A week ago or so, I just had a sense of peace over the whole situation, which was a huge answer to prayer and definitely from God.

I have been trying to "embrace my pale" over the past couple years anyway, but now am more than ever going to be more careful than I ever have been since I am clearly at such high risk.

When I was younger, I completely got caught up in the idea that tan = beautiful and pale = pasty/sickly. I got called Casper sometimes because I was so pale when I was in Jr. High and early on in high school. I wish I had a picture to upload from my freshman year homecoming - I was SOOOOO pale (which clearly wasn't that sickly, I had 2 dates!). I did get made fun of though.

So, I tanned before every high school dance and sometimes just to be tanner, no special occasion necessary. I wouldn't really wear a lot of sunscreen when I was outside and then I would be slathering on tanning lotion and getting into tanning beds on a regular basis. For crying out loud, in college I worked at a tanning place (it was also a laundry mat, but that's besides the point) and I could tan for a dollar, so I did. A lot. Not that you could ever really tell. My skin is stubbornly fair. I tanned before my wedding. Nana still tans! I don't know when society got caught up in the "tan is beauty" phase, but I am over it. So, in order to show myself and the world that pale is beautiful too I have gathered some pics of my favorite pale celebrities. They do set the standard for beauty these days and I am happy to see more of them looking less bronze and more porcelain.

HA - just kidding.... kind of :)
Christina Hendricks. Could this woman be more sexy?

Liv Tyler

Cate Blanchett

Meryl Streep - this woman is in her 60s and is FLAWLESS

Kate Winslet - so pretty

Nicole Kidman

Anne Hathaway
 Who's your favorite pale person? :)


Farmchick said...

Being pale is so much better for you! I have had two small skin cancer areas removed and it was due to years of teenage tanning. Yuck.

KimHoffman said...

I'm glad you got it checked out, something that my doctor suggested to me is to get a skin mapping done every year. That way they can keep track of all the moles and spots that might become a problem.

e Liz said...

Natural is beautiful! and so are you! So glad you are okay. You picked great models, hard to pick, but I guess I might go with Kate Winslet - I've heard a few of her quotes on beauty, and they were very grounded and beautiful.

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