Well, I gave ya’ll a break from my blogging over the past few days. I felt like I went post-crazy last week!

Anyway, just wanted to check in and give you some stuff to look forward to this week!

1. Book review of A Year of Living Biblically and perhaps State of Wonder, which I am reading now.

2. Sneak peak of an impromptu living room revamp (inspired by Pintrest and The Pleated Poppy)! I have been a busy little bee!

My goal is to completely update the living room for under $100. Plus, I have a new store I must share with you and all of my great finds (including an ottoman for $10!). Also, since I am re-vamping the living room, I dusted off a new-old friend. The sewing machine!! Dun dun DUN! You can read about my misadventures and 7th grade sewing level very soon.

3. General Life and Fitness Update

4. No Spend Fail Summary from July and my new goals for August!

And I shall leave you with this dose of cuteness found on Pintrest (I may have to do a post about that new addiction too!)

I SO want to do this to Sophie!


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