What I Wore - August

This is just going to be a very sad WIWW post. I only have 2 pics for you, and one of them is very bad. I spent half of the month of August sick and looking good was very, very low on my priority list, right above taking pictures of what I looked like. So, here are my outfits for August:
#1 - Work
That was like day 2 of bronchitis.
Skirt - garage sale score
Shoes and White shirt - Target
Sweater - Maurices

#2 - Church
I felt very cute on this day :)
Dress - Forever 21
Shoes and Belt - Kohl's

Now, here are a couple fun wardrobe additions:

I scored bargains on both of these beauties - red from Kohl's and leopard from JC Penny. I felt like I needed these shoes because I have been only buy practical (ugh) shoes for work. My shoe- collection had dwindled and become very hum-drum and it was killing my soul. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point. Both of these beauties are decently comfortable and wonderful for their slimming effects (I stand by the fact that if I were 5'5 I wouldn't be overweight! haha).

And another change that August brought (which you may have caught in the photos above):
Helloooooo red hair! Oh how I have missed you!

Well, that's all she wrote folks - thoughts on the new hair or shoes? :)


Brittney said...

LOVE the hair! Covet the shoes!! Sooo cute! :)

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