Whew. What a whirlwind last few days...
I have really had such a blast since Wednesday night. We went out and experienced our first "Blackout Wednesday" - oh the crowds!! It was so much fun to see friends from college again! How do we ever let so much time pass? Highlights of the night for me were a dance party in Alli's living room to LMFAO and an impromptu Sound of Music performance on our way downtown. Very fun night.

Then of course, Thursday was filled with food, family, and overall togetherness. Great food and a slow, but competitive game of Balderdash (I came in a close second) wrapped up that get-together. We headed home to the in-laws house and played some Guesstures (Girls rule!!) then watched Rocket Man. I had never seen that movie before, really hilarious. :) Sometime throughout the evening, someone thought it would be a great idea to hit up Target at midnight... and for some reason, the rest of us agreed! We showed up literally at midnight (no waiting in lines in the cold for this family!) and just meandered around the store snatching up some sweet deals. I also needed obligatory shampoo, conditioner, and a back pack, so I got those things too. The cash registers were crashing like nobody's business and I have never seen so many 50" TVs loaded up on carts. It was a lot of fun though, no pushing, trampling, or pepper spray for us!

Friday we spent most of the day preparing for our upcoming trip and cleaning up the apartment. Then, like a crazy-person, I went BACK to the stores! Not as many sweet deals at 7pm, but a really sweet Target cashier did give me a movie that I was going to buy for $3 for $1.96 because that's what they were selling it for at Wal-Mart. (Oh, the coupon-crazies I saw! Alli, you would have been proud!) So, I came home, curled up, and watched Night at the Museum 2. I had forgotten how fantastically hilarious that movie is. Love it.

It has certainly been a hectic, fun-filled week. And now, I am going to go book some last minute excursions for our vacation! I will probably be off the blogosphere for the week!


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