Insta Friday

I haven't done an instagram post in awhile, but I just had too many fun pics from this week to pass it up!

My sissy and her beau :)

Me and B

Other sissy and her fam - my niece was so not interested in my photo skills

Heather, her bump, and her hubs

Becky and Josh

My dinner one night - don't judge

Trying to lighten up some mini golfing

Pigtails and put-put

Love my peacock earrings
A throwback photo from 1996. My mom and Aunt in Disney. They both showed up to breakfast in the same outfit - not planned. I personally love the fanny pack. Plus - they are such munchkins that Goofy was actually on his knees!

A contender for Awkward Family Photo of the year. We did this on purpose - it was the last night of our trip and we were SO OVER having out picture taken

My bling got me catcalls from the starbucks boy. I'll take it.

life rearranged


AlliFerg said...

Love that you joined up with Insta-Friday! So fun :)

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