Rapid Fire Book Reviews

I decided I should do another rapid-fire round of mini book reviews. I devoured several books while we were on vacation, mostly while sitting in airports, planes, and the like, plus a couple before I left. I liked doing the mini-reviews, so I am going to give it another go with this batch. I may need to expand on a couple of them in their own posts though because they were so good, but read on to find out more.Click on the titles for their Goodreads info!

·  36. Charming theShrew by Laurin Wittig – Brain candy, borderline Harlequin novel about some Scottish folks – a fun, randy read.
·  35. Insurgent byVeronica Roth – (this is book 2 of the trilogy) If you liked Hunger Games you need to read this book like yesterday (but read Divergent first) – especially if you live in the Chicago area – it’s too cool.
·  34. On the Island byTracey Garvis-Graves – This book stuck with me and I was emotionally invested in the characters, but it might creep some people out with the older woman/younger man story line.
·  33. Divergent byVeronica Roth – Book 1 of a trilogy – this and Insurgent may just need their own post I loved them so much.
·  32. Anna Dressed inBlood by Kendare Blake – A fantastic, creepy young adult book about a ghost hunter that I really enjoyed.
·  31. A Grave in the VegetableGarden by Janice Coy – This book was a little bit predictable for me about an abused woman who kills her husband and goes on trial for his murder.
·  28, 29, 30. TheSloane Monroe Series books 1-3 by Cheryl Bradshaw – These books were fun and reminded me of college, my roomie Liz, and our Tami Hoag days – but they aren’t quite as scandalous or grisly as Tami Hoag.
·  27. The Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan – I really, really enjoyed this book – it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside – it’s a wholesome read. 

Anyone read any of these titles? Are you planning to? Tell me your thoughts!! 


Darcie said...

Ashlea, I just wanted to thank you for reading my novel and mentioning it on your blog!

Hope the rest of your summer is great. :)

Best wishes,
Darcie Chan

AlliFerg said...

Is this your second author comment? So cool :)

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