Tuesday Shoesday - The break-up shoes

At home a couple weeks ago Nana and I were reminiscing about how she got me really going on my shoe obsession. Simple, she taught me to buy break-up shoes, which truly is the gateway to shoe addiction. When I was 16 years old I experienced my first heartbreak. I had been dating my first real boyfriend for 6 months when he suddenly ended it on AIM. Yes, he dumped me on AOL instant messenger, but don't worry we did speak again and he regrets his method of choice. I was devastated (as devastated as a jilted 16 year old girl can be anyway). I turned to Nana for comfort in the days that followed and she said, "Ashlea, you need to buy some shoes". I was clearly not wise back then, and questioned Nana's sage wisdom of how a pair of shoes could possibly begin the mending of my broken heart. She took me to Wal-Mart that day, and we bought a pair a red high heels, and folks, I have never looked back...
Well, that's a lie. I dated that guy again in college but I ended up with more shoes, so we all can imagine how well it worked out the 2nd time...

Anyway, I digress... I wanted to pay homage to my first-ever break up shoes and I could think of no better way than to highlight some sassy, inspiring, sexy red shoes.

Via Pinterest
 Love the sweet bow detailing
 Feminine and floral
 Love that strong bow accent!
Via Pinterest
 A sexy, sultry suede
 A casual take on the red heel
 Another sweet bow with a hint of metallic
Via Pinterest
A sassy heel with red AND leopard
Now, those are some tough-girl shoes
And that's not all! I couldn't very well write a blog about red shoes without including THE red shoes. The shoes that started it all....

Thank you Dorothy Gale for starting a timeless trend and the belief that a great pair shoes really can be magical.

Anyone else buy shoes to soothe heartache or anything else that may ail you?


AlliFerg said...

Haha, I love this story, Nana and Dorothy!

cindy derry said...

Great story!

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