Insta-Friday!!! I'm baaaaaack!

Well, after a much-needed bloggy-break I am back. My Insta's from this week were just way too good to not post! I spent Labor Day weekend back in my little hometown and went through a ton of old stuff from my high-school and elementary days, including oodles of old photos, back from the days of film! It was a sentimental, bittersweet, emotion-filled task to do and I think it has taken me all week to recover, but I'm very grateful that I did it. So, without further ado, a mostly throw-back version of InstaFriday! 

Ok these first few are from last week - 
Really excited about my new polka dot dress!

Loving my new yellow necklace

Hawaiian Day! (I really love dress-up days at work)

Me and Jun-Jun (my fellow Activity Director) at Family Night!
 And now we have a little old-school!
Me @ 18 months or so... Nautical is so on trend right now :)

Me and a bunch of good friends the beginning of my senior year

I think I was 7 here...

Wonder who I look like? That's my Nana on the left. :)

Me and my college roomie Janna, from when we were in high school!

Me and Janna at my senior prom coronation - I like this photo despite the pink hand coming out of the top of my head.

My mom's family pre-Ashlea. I may have been a bun in the oven here, so this is summer of 1986. My mom is the not-so-natural blonde in the back

I think I was 4 or 5 here. Oh the accessorizing had already begun...

Me today - rocking some vintage orange earrings for 'Bears Day'


AlliFerg said...

I heart all of your jewelry. You make me want to own a bobble necklace.
Also, I had the SAME sailor outfit :)

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