Insta Friday

Back again for a week in Instagrams! 

life rearranged
This is from last Friday night. Alli tagged me in a #WIDN post (which for those of you like me who had no idea what that means is: What I'm Doing Now). I happened to be hanging with Mama Derry, watching Project Runway and Fashion Police with a particularly adorable dog on my lap.

Heading to church Sunday morning - excited it was cool enough for my scarf!

Sunday afternoon I was rooting for Da Bears (last night though, 100% Packer Fan!). I like that you can see Miss Sophie peeking over my shoulder wanting to get into the front seat. :)

Wistfully wishing to go back to Italia.

I feel like this is a "quarter life crisis" type dilemma. I still have acne issues, but I know I need to be preventing wrinkles. Why can't one lotion just do both!? Garh!! Clearly, I was very frustrated with my moisturizer options. Any one have feedback on that?

My #throwbackthursday pic. My mom doing my hair. We were in FL in late 1996. My mom had finished up chemo treatments and the entire family went on vacation together. I always think about her when the seasons change - I think the cooler weather just makes me more reflective for some reason. Or maybe the coziness of the season makes me miss her more. Either way, I was thinking about her and miss her. 

From yesterday - my first entry for a $100 ModCloth gift card. I will spare you the rest of my entries from today :)


Kristi said...

I LOVE those yellow shoes (and necklace)!!!!

Maria DaintyandDecadent said...

I've never used the Aveeno moisturizers but I really like the clinique moisturizers. The picture of you and your mom is incredibly sweet and beautiful :-)

Dainty and Decadent

AlliFerg said...

I hope you win the $100 GC! That would be awesome!

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