Best Gift Ever.

I was more than spoiled this year for Christmas, but my favorite gift was the most practical, functional one that I have used every day since Christmas.

A wake up light.

It makes me feel a little old that my most favorite gift was a wake-up light.

Anyway, it has completely changed my mornings. It begins to light up softly, over a half an hour, to mimic a sunrise. Then, at the time your alarm is set for, birds start to chirp. It is supposed to be a more gentle way to wake up and to be less-jarring than your average run of the mill alarm. I am extremely light-sensitive when I sleep, so this has been amazing. I usually wake up before the birds even start chirping. It is easier for me to get out of bed and get my morning started, and for a non-morning person like me, that's basically amazing. I have been able to consistently get to work 30 minutes earlier since I have started using it. I only ever snooze it once, when I used to snooze my alarm 3 or 4 times, then drag myself out of bed only because the dog had begun to roll around on my head to wake me up.
It has been life-altering, really. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has light-sensitivity and is not a morning person. And - a huge, huge thank you to my mama-in-law for getting this for me! :)

A very close second on my favorite gifts of the year was this calendar that Miss AlliFerg got me. Clearly, I love gifts that keep giving!

How about you? What was your favorite gift this year? Are you a non-morning person like me?


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